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Maybe when more then one person asks you why are you obsessed with something, you are really obsessed. I’m talking about Rocky Dennis of course. Topher just asked me yesterday at work, what is your obsession with this guy? I didn’t really laugh it off like I usually do–it hit me hard. Just the previous week I made my girlfriend watch Mask, the 1985 Rocky Dennis movie. I was smiling the whole time. For those of you that don’t knowrocky2 Rocky Dennis was a real person born with a rare bone disorder, his head is severely disfigured. I have seen Mask a bunch of times, and my friend Josh-who I believe shares this obsession with me-let me borrow the DVD to share with my girlfriend the Rocky Dennis glory. See I don’t even own the DVD so I can’t be obsessed, but maybe that is just me in denial. Eric Stoltz playing Rocky Dennis in the movie is the greatest underrated acting job in the history of cinema. His acting in this could be on par with such noted great actors as Al Pacino or Tom Hanks. I just have a fascination with human oddities. I love the old circus sideshow stuff. I’m excited there is a new show on A&E called Freakshow that showcases sideshow acts. I don’t make fun of Rocky Dennis, I celebrate him. I think he is cool because he was so different. Although I have a hyper fandom when it comes to anything Rocky Dennis related, I don’t think I’m obsessed. However at the end of Mask- when the text said his body was donated to UCLA- I had a creepy thought of “I wonder if his skull is still around.” I mean Micheal Jackson bought the Elephant Man’s bones. Alright, maybe I’m obsessed.

Real life Rocky, ladies man

Real life Rocky, ladies man

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