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Why hello internet. Howdy goes it? I had a pretty awesome weekend. First on Friday it was my girlfriend Megan’s birthday. So we went up to Seattle for dinner and bar hopping. It was pretty fun. We went to Lunchbox Laboratory, and I had The Dork burger, it’s a duck and pork burger! It was awesome. I have never been to that place before, they are lunchbox-dork-burgeropening a location by my work so I’m excited to try them again. The bar hopping was pretty fun. We tried to get into this place called the Unicorn on Capital Hill. It was way too crowded, we will haveta go back there though during the week when its dead cause it seemed pretty cool. They have a claw machine filled with random crap you can win. We ended up in Belltown, at this bar called Shorty’s. Which was pretty cool cause we got the tables and comfy chairs in the back room. They had a bunch of pinball machines, Oloff and I were playing, and wasting many quarters. The other bar I don’t remember what it was, but had the token druken guy at the end of the night. He wanted to get a picture of him and the girls, they asked where’s your camera, and he was IIIIIIIIIII aint got one. What the shit.

This friend I know Jason, is doing a 100 bars in 10 days Seattle marathon. Going on now for his spring break. I didn’t have time Friday to meet up with him but I think he’s on day 4 or 5. Hope I get time to meet up with him for one night, although I doubt I can hold my liquor like him, he seems pretty hardcore. Ha I will have to ask if he wants to write something for the site about his experience doing this. At least have him guest star on a podcast or something. He’s pretty rad.

Saturday I went to my best friend’s son’s baptism. Weird experience, but I’m now a godfather. So I get to give spiritual advise to his kid I guess, I’m not sure what that entails yet. I think I’m more qualified to give action figure advise to him. Don’t die Josh and Tiffany! Then Saturday night I went to prom, roller derby prom. Megan’s roller derby league throws a prom every year. It was pretty cool and it was a spy theme. I wore a tuxedo t-Retron2shirt so I got pretty dressed up.

Sunday was time to finally relax. Thanks to Josh telling me about this retro game system he say at Fred Meyer, I went there to see for myself. It was on sale for half off, so I picked one up! It’s the Retron 2 and it plays NES and SNES game cartridges. Comes with one controller each, and compatible with the original controllers. I am really excited to try this thing out. Now I have to dig up my old Nintendo games. Maybe start doing a retro game series and time trials for our YouTube page too. So Topher won’t be so lonely being the only one uploading videos.

Hope my work week will be as fun as my weekend, but who are we kidding.

Until next time, -Darrell

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