The Fanboy Problem


Last week, after a lot of thought and effort, I wrote an opinion article called “The Failings of the Wii U.”  In this article, I declared my love and support for the Wii U, and pointed out some areas where, I thought, Nintendo needed to improve to make the U a success.  Immediately, after a website picked up the article, it was bashed as an anti-Nintendo piece, and it was quickly dismissed by the Nintendo Fanboys as garbage.  Someone went so far as to copy the three most negative comments, create an account on The Nerd Filter, and post them.  Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and more importantly, people actually read the article, and not just the title.

Fanboy-“A passionate fan of various elements of geek culture, but who lets his passion override social graces.”  – Urban Dictionary

kid-playing-xbox-liveWe have all seen it happen online, a seemingly innocuous statement about a subject, be it Call of Duty or Battlefield 3, Playstation 3 or Xbox, or virtually anything and Nintendo, and the trolls flood in.  “Oh yeah, well Xbox didn’t get haxor’d”, “Well that’s because their Xbox got RRoD’d.”  Nothing can be said online without the other party swelling up with anger and unleashing vitriol.  There, honestly, is no question why most Video Game Websites cater mainly to one group of gamers.  Perhaps it is that the average gamer’s age is much lower than my age, but it is honestly getting annoying.  It’s no wonder why non-gamers look down to us.

I think that it’s time for us, as a community, to understand that, while we use different systems, we share a common hobby.  I understand that there aren’t many people who have the luxury to have all three big systems, like I do, but we should be able to put our petty differences down, for the good of the overall community.  All that seems to bind us is hate; look at the Mass Effect 3 ending for a perfect example of that.  Our community has never been in such a lather, all bound together by one common thought, DEATH TO downloadBIOWARE!!!  We got commentary after commentary about how terrible EA/Bioware was, but only after a caveat that the writer hadn’t actually reached the end of the game yet.  There was an urge, a desire to be a part of the hating masses, almost a wolf-pack mentality, and that’s where our fanboy-ism has reached.  It isn’t enough that the Wii U is having issues, people, err I mean trolls love that, and want to see the U fail.  Why?  So they can spout the superiority of the PS3, or Xbox 360?  As a gamer, I want to see every system succeed, because that’s how our hobby improves.

If you ask anyone in the know, the best thing that has ever happened to the iPhone, they’ll most likely respond with the arrival of Android.  See, there was nothing on the market that was like the iPhone, and no, I wouldn’t even come close to counting the Blackberry, so there was no reason to improve.  Once Android came to market, at first, there was nothing to worry about, but as the phone marked developed, and it was obvious that Android was good, and some would even say better than the iPhone, improvements were made.  Now, you see features on the iPhone that originated on the Android, and vice-versa.  Competition breeds improvements, and new developments.  Don’t mention this to Playstation Fanboys, but, most likely, Sony will steal Microsoft’s idea of Party Chat, and that will make your experience better.  In fact, the only thing I can think of that hasn’t worked has been motion control for video games, but my point is, with success of other product lines, brings improvements to yours.

I know this will, most likely, fall on deaf ears.  In fact, I can see the trolls lining up for their little pot shots, and fanboys taking issue with any one of a litany of points I’ve made.  I’m cool with that, but hopefully some of you will take away that being a fan of something doesn’t make you have to hate everything else that’s different.

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