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Yo dawg, I’m on vacation this week. I haven’t left for Vegas yet, it turns out my flight is actually early Tuesday morning and not Monday like I thought. Well, I will be in Vegas when this is posted on Tuesday. Anyhoo I’m not at work!!! It’s going to be sweet. Work is becoming crazy particular as of late. It used to be my little area, just get everything done and keep up on paperwork. Now its more like get everything done, keep up on paperwork, mrTdo everyone else’s jobs, and move everything around so it looks neater. Well, alright then. It is going to be a busy year.

Enough work talk, I’m going to try and not think of that place too much. I got something pretty sweet the other day, a Mr. T action figure from the 1983 A-Team toy line. I don’t normally buy loose- not in the box figures, but I’ve been on a Mr. T kick. Actually ever since I started this Ωmega Blog, Mr. T has been a staple, just showing up organically. The figure I bought is in pretty rough shape. I figured for only $7 bucks-and it included the action figure stand- that it was a good buy. I feel like I need a display case now. Next time I got to Ikea I think I will pick up the Detolf, it looks like a pretty professional case and only $64.99.

We are doing a contest here at thenerdfilter, when we get up to 150 likes on our Facebook page we will ship out the first 4 graphic novels of The Walking Dead to one of our subscribers. Big thanks to Oloff for coming up with this contest and taking the reigns in doing the leg work. Be sure you like our page and be 1 of the 150. Those are pretty good odds, I’m going to Vegas I should know.

I’m leaving you with this crazy animated video by Felix Colgrave, his YouTube channel is full of bizarre animated goodness. Subscribe to him right after you subscribe to thenerdfilter YouTube page!

Until next time, -Darrell

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