Console Corner: Year of the Handheld……

Someone recently asked me what I considered to be the console to own in 2013, no doubts the majority of you will answer with either the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360, maybe if you are a little crazy you couldn’t even say the Wii U. However for me the answer is simple it’s the Nintendo 3DS.

Now when the Nintendo 3DS released back in March 2011 it was a very different story, there was a fair amount of interest but the machine was priced at $250 and the launch line up was rubbish, immediately after release sales figures where poor and people seemed unwilling to meet Nintendo’s ambitious price point when the release day was bare and contained nothing of any real promise. Now I put my hands up and say I purchased the machine on release day and sold it about a week later and was bitterly dissapointed but remained confident after all Nintendo had revealed a remake of The Ocarania of Time which is probably the best game of all time.

steel diver

Steel Diver – Highlight of the 3DS release schedule /sarcasm

One thing that you have to praise Nintendo for is there ability to handle these situations, people where already calling the handheld an epic failure and where calling on Nintendo to go back to the days of the single screen Gameboy. Nintendo responded with a price drop ($170) and when the games started releasing the machine took off and is now looking like a resounding success for Nintendo.  The machine sells like hot cakes and the upgraded version the 3DSXL launched last year sales surged even further, the future looks very bright for Nintendo, to be fair its not unexpected the DS, the predecessor to the 3DS has sold about 153 million unit since it was launched in November 2004 these numbers rival the sales of the PlayStation 2 which launched 4 years earlier and that is astounding.


Greatest Game I have ever played

Still the above doesn’t really explain why I would recommend the system over the home consoles, the reason for that is fairly simple games, a machine is only as good as the games available for it and this year looks unreal for the 3DS. The beauty of the machine is that it will literally cater for everybody the catalouge includes puzzlers, rpgs, sports, shooters and adventure games in abundance. So far in 2013 the release schedule of games includes Luigis Mansion 2, Monster Hunter Ultimate, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros and the first full core 3D in the biggest handheld game of all Pokemon.

luigis mansion

Luigis Mansion 2 is brilliant

All in all anyone who buys the console won’t be dissapointed there is such quality and variety in the catalouge that there will be something that you will love. I have been using my wife’s pink 3DS for sometime, but at some point over the next few weeks I will be buying myself a 3DSXL as I can now be confident that the quality is there to make this a worthwhile investment. The amazing turn around of the 3DS’ fortunes should bring comfort to anyone who is concerned about the expensive paper weight they call the Wii U under their television because i  f anyone is able to rescue the Wii U it is surely Nintendo.

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  1. The DS/3DS/3DSXL is the only major system, on the market, that I don’t own. I am, though, looking to recify this situation soon.

  2. With the line up of games avaliable and coming soon it is a safe investment.

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