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Hello internet. My eyes are red and baggy from the lack of sleep. My legs are sore and mygodzilla-slot feet have blisters on them. My throat hurts and my nose has all these blood booger things in it. Yep, I am in Vegas. If you follow this blog you already know that.

I have not won anything! Yesterday I pretty much broke even, which I was feeling pretty good and hopeful. Now I lost about 200 bucks and its only a little after 3pm! I am sinking fast. It has been pretty fun though. This is my 5th time in Vegas so I feel like an old hat now. I kinda know what I like already and what to look for. A new slot machine I played which I thought was pretty cool is the Godzilla slot machine! It was really neat. Except I don’t really like those giant extravagant machines. The don’t really pay out I feel. The Ghostbusters machine is the same way. It is really fun to play, and cool to watch it take your money I guess.

Next up I have my Aunt’s wedding to go to. Then this is the last night for me. Thank goodness. I have a bi-polar love/hate relationship with this place. It is really really fun at times, then it sucks the life out of you the next minute. I guess I’ll put some more money in there? I think about all the comic books I could be buying. Then I think well if I win that progressive jackpot I could buy a shitload more comics. Ha, I actually brought a few comics with me to read at night- to wind down before bed. So far I read Nova #2, and Thanos Rising #1. Tonight I will prob read Abe Sapien #1. I bet the cleaning lady seeing the comics on the table thinks ‘what nerds!’

I think a lot about the line in the Hangover 3 trailer, “somebody needs to burn this place to the ground.” I miss my normal routine of hanging out with my girlfriend, and watching her cats do things like getting their tongues stuck outside their mouths. Soon enough I will be back to the real world.

Until next time, -Darrell

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  1. Free Booze tip. Go into the keno room. Bring a book. Play a bunch of 4 number 1-5$ keno games. Sit back relax and get free booze while you gamble. Thats how I chill out.

  2. Just remember to tip the girl bringing the booze

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