Found On The InterNERD: Nail Art

Hey there everybody, it’s InterNERD time once again. This week it’s all about the ladies. Fingernail painting has been around a long time, now many have started painting nerdy pictures on their nails! Thank you evolution, cause these are pretty rad. Fellas you can paint your nails if you’d like. I didn’t want to pigeonhole you, if you’re progressive enough to do it–go for it! Here are the coolest, nerdiest nail art I found on the InterNERD.

Batman Nails. Pow! There are a lot of Batman nails out there, but this set of the classic 1960’s Batman is pretty awesome.



Ghostbusters Nails. Who you gonna call? The person that did these nails is pretty creative, having Slimer and Stay Puft on one hand.



Mario Nails. The Nintendo Grandfather Mario done here. Great execution using all nails together for one picture.



Tardis Nails. The time machine from Doctor Who done here. The Tardis is an international symbol for nerd.



Xbox Nails. The gamer girl secret weapon, but do they help you play?



Star Trek Nails. The Trekkies are taking over. It is probably easier to set phasers to stun with these fingernails.


Pacman Nails. These ghosts haven’t got a chance, Pacman is surrounding em!


Adventure Time Nails. The land of Ooo at your fingertips. These are pretty sweet and junk.


Sauron Nails. The Lord Of The Rings eye of Sauron done here. This one is crazy! I’m not sure if this is an all real nail, or an artificial one glued on.


Marvel Nails. Great use of both hands, one set the heads and the other the bodies. Avengers assemble!


Street Fighter Nails. Aww yeah, these are great. You can definitely button mash some combos with these nails.



Thanks for tuning in. So many creative nail designs done here. If you have your own nerdy creation, share them with us at or on our Facebook page. Like us and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you are part of our community. Tune in next week to get your nerd fix!

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