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Greetings internet. Well it is Tuesday, comic book eve known throughout the nerdiverse. I know what I am picking up tomorrow- but I am still undecided about Guardians Of The Galaxy. Here is my dilemma, there is just too much space! Outer space. It doesn’t have an appeal for me when there is just space travel. #2 comes out tomorrow, although I haven’t read them yet, so I should probably do that before investing deeper into the series. I bought .01 and two different versions of #1. One was a Deadpool variant cover. I am enjoying Nova and Thanos Rising, which is in the same space world and crosses over.


James Gunn is slated to direct the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie coming out next year. Which is pretty rad, cause he is a practical effect expert. With a giant budget like this movie I am expecting crazy things. Gunn started his film making career at Troma. If you don’t know anything about Troma, just imagine low budget gore movies with bad acting. That pretty much sums it up. James Gunn also did Slither, the 2006 slug body-snatcher flick. Also the more recent movie Super, with Rainn Wilson as a super hero. I am looking forward to seeing how well he handles a movie with so much scope. Also seeing what Rocket Raccoon will be like. So far the IMDB page says Chris Pratt and Michael Rooker are attached to star, that’s pretty cool.

Until next time, -Darrell

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