The Netflix Challenge: Dinosaurs



The Netflix Challenge is a series we do here at TheNerdFilter. Challenging an unsuspecting member of the TNF crew to watch something via Netflix instant. The person that accepts the challenge gets to writes a review for it on the site and then be the next person to issue the challenge.

I am challenging Oloff to watch Dinosaurs! From 1991 Dinosaurs was a live action sitcom about Dinosaurs living suburban life. The effects are just ‘man in suit’ and puppets made by Henson’s Creature Shop. I tried to watch this a couple weeks back and thought it would be funny to re-visit. Whoa, I couldn’t even get 5 minutes in, it’s just way too… I’ll leave the more descriptive review to Oloff.

How is it going to work challenging a TV show, what is he sappose to watch all 4 seasons? No are you crazy! Just the first episode, season 1 episode 1 The Mighty Megalosaurus. 23 minutes is more than enough time to invest.

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  1. Oh, it’s on like Diddy Kong!

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