The Shepard Diaries #4: Izzy Admits to Love of ME2

All right, you Alliance lovers. I made it through the second Mass Effect. Holy hell. What a wild ride. I absolutely loved it. First off, the big question is answered: did Izzy’s “Femshep” stay true to HER Alliance lover? A clue – duh! While it was extremely tempting to both run to Garrus for consolation in light of Kaidan’s teary rejection on Horizon (and for all my fellow Maj. Alenko fan-girls out there, that is definitely not an exaggeration)

Every Kaidan-loving girl after Horizon…

and to seduce the dashing and dangerous drell, Thane, I remained abstinent for the duration of ME2. Though Garrus definitely found a personality in between the Battle of the Citadel and the recruitment of Archangel, and definitely an attractive personality.

I really must say, after going through the dossiers, I figured I would find another squad member. There was that one open spot next to Samara left unfilled, until right up when we retrieve the Reaper IFF, and it blew my mind when I discovered Legion.

Opposites ultimately attract, right?

Of course, after seeing Miranda and Jack go at it (By the way, I definitely sided with Jack on that – she just blew up the physical remnants of her childhood and that’s when Miranda decides to pick a fight? Obvious choice.), I knew immediately that Tali and Legion would get into a major tiff. The difference between the two is that I had not leveled up my Paragon status enough in time to peaceably resolve Jack and Miranda’s situation, so I lost Miranda’s loyalty. However, I had enough blue points to calm both Tali and Legion – and let’s face it, we all love Tali to bits. Who could side against her? And Legion? A geth? That’s bad news bears, siding against that. I definitely count myself lucky for not having to choose between the two.

Unfortunately, I never did get the Paragon points to gain back Miranda’s loyalty. She was one of two casualties I suffered in the final confrontation, the other being Mordin. When I was choosing my Specialist, the one to go through all those vent ducts to unlock the doors to the Collector mainframe, I hadn’t really considered who had the best skill set. Instead, I chose who seemed to have the best personality. Mordin had the genius personality, and seemed like a good choice. In the end, he died for my mistake. I was nearly heartbroken when I watched him receive a head-shot from the business end of a sniper. Next time, I’ll send in the geth. He’ll be able to close the doors properly.

Fortunately, Jacob was able to get the colonists back to the Normandy. I destroyed the Human-Reaper by the skin of my teeth, and, by the way, it felt so good to blow up that base and throw it in the Illusive Man’s face. I, for one, did not – DID NOT – like working for Cerberus. I am desperately hoping the third game leads to my Shepard’s recommission into the Alliance Navy. Is it largely due to the fact that Kaidan is still in the Alliance, and people have mentioned him as a love interest in the third one? Well…er…maybe? But, to be fair, my Shepard misses him! And, for the record, despite the bureaucracy that Jacob complained about all the time in ME2, I miss the protocol, the prestige of being an officer, and the outfits! I miss having Shepard waltzing around deck in her blues.

As for the finale of ME2…jeez. Glue me to the edge of my seat, why don’t you? That image of the Reapers, poised at the edge of the galaxy, just waiting to strike…it sent chills down my spine.

When Izzy REALLY knows she’s screwed.

I’m buying ME3 as soon as possible. In the meantime, I’m restarting the whole franchise over as a vanguard instead of  soldier…and, in case you want to know, no, I will not change my LI. Shenko forever! As a note, I have noticed that, as a vanguard, there is no sniper training…this bothers me greatly.

Secretly, we all want to comfort Jayne when she says this.

I’d just gotten the hang of a sniper rifle, and I was loving it. But I can live with it if it means I get to throw things with my brain. Does that sound at all reminiscent of River Tam? I think so. I hope to start ME3 within the next few days, so keep reading, guys, and to all the other Shepards out there, good hunting!

P.S. This is an official announcement (Topher, you called it) for my fan fiction readers. I have begun a Mass Effect fan fiction. I’m not promising you will see anything in the near future, but keep a close eye out, and your patience may yet be rewarded. Wish me luck!

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  1. Lol, I just love this game. Honestly, reading this post, I really want to go back and replay this game tonight. I do have ME3 if you want to borrow it until you buy it, and I also am going to be starting 3 on the Wii U to do a comparison between the two versions. I am glad you’re enjoying the series!

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