The Top 5: Current Generation Co-Op Games

Hey guys and gals, here at The Nerd Filter, every week, we do a Top 5 list about a different subject.  Most of the time, it is on Video Games, but sometimes we go off topic.  This week we’re focusing on the Top 5 Cooperative video games in this generation.  I am sure that you’ll disagree with some of my selections, so use the comments below, or on our Facebook Page.  Also, we’re 5 Facebook Likes away to giving away a 4 pack of Walking Dead Graphic Novels, so be sure to like us to be entered.  By the way, it is limited to the lower 48 states of the USofA to save on shipping, but if you’re across the water, like us anyways, we’re cool guys and gals.

5.  Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7

harry-potter-and-lord-voldemort (1)

All of the original Lego Video games up to Lego City Undercover deserve a place on this list, but LHP 5-7 was, by far, the best co-op game of the bunch.  Safe for all ages, if you have kids, I would definitely pick this game up, my daughter and enjoyed this game immensely.

4.  Dead Island

Dead Island 1

Yes, it is somewhat of a broken game, glitchy as hell, and not very good alone, but Dead Island, with the right group of people, can be a blast.  There is nothing like being back to back with three of your bestest friends destroying a zombie horde.  Get it now while it’s cheap!

3.  Gears of War 3


In my humble opinion, Gears 3 was the best game of the bunch, especially once the annoying and whiny Dominic died.  (Lol, JK, not really)  I had a great time with my friends playing through Gears 3, that is, until the rounds of horde got into the thousands.

2.  Portal 2

portal 2 coop

Also known as the ex-wifer, Portal 2 can, without a doubt, reduce a loving relationship to it’s violent, malevolent core.  Beyond playing with a significant other, Portal 2 is a great game in single player, but when you’re playing co-op it is a great and rewarding experience.

1.  Borderlands 2

borderlands 2 coop

For me, the first Borderlands game was the best co-op game ever made, that is, until the second game was released.  Even with all of that being said, Borderlands 2 is a better game in every single way imaginable.  Buy it at full price, buy it a twice the full price, you’ll love it!



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