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It’s no secret we, here at The Nerd Filter, are huge fans of both Comic Books, and Video Games.  So, when Deadpool’s Video Game was announced, we were all pretty excited.  I, for one, had my concerns, namely how Deadpool’s attitude and quips would age throughout the course of the game, and also how terrible most licenced games were.  I hoped that my concerns were unwarranted, and made sure I’d get the game on release day.

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The story is pretty simple, Deadpool finds out that High Moon Studios, who incidentally were actually the developers of the game, is producing a Video Game of him.  He is then hired to assassinate Chance White, a big wig T.V. producer, but Mister Sinister beats him to the punch.  Deadpool, seeking revenge on the money he’s lost, then goes after Mister Sinister, basically following the storyline of the Video Game he’s going to be in.



Deadpool is a mix of a button masher and 3rd person shooter, depending on the situation, utilizing a combo system to earn XP, or in this case DP.  The player can then upgrade Deadpool, purchase new weapons, or upgrade existing weapons.  The controls are loose, and somewhat unwieldy, and the camera is a constant issue during gameplay, both in locating enemies, and especially, during platforming.  The combo system is very similar to the Arkham Series, and the game also features a counter attack, critical hits, and a Challenge Arena, just as the Batman Video Games do as well.  Overall, the game is very repetitive, but, to be honest, I did enjoy the Gameplay despite all the issues.


Bits and Pieces

Obviously, as a Deadpool fan, I knew what I was getting myself into, and I got pretty much what I expected.  The writing was geared to thirteen year olds, the visuals were geared to thirteen year olds, and the sounds were….you get the idea.  Boobies were bouncing, inappropriate jokes were flying, and blood was splattering throughout the game, and for the most part it was a riot.  No matter how much I thought the game was going to annoy me, it really didn’t.  Yeah, towards the end, Deadpool’s quips after killing someone was getting a bit old, but when don’t they in games?  Naturally, the voice acting was over the top Comic Book style, and the game’s sounds were as well.

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Final Thoughts

On the surface, Deadpool isn’t a very good game.  The controls are wonky, the camera is atrocious, and the gameplay is repetitive.  But, somehow, when you add in Deadpool himself, his immaturity, inappropriate sense of humor, and his constant need of genital manipulation, the game is a blast.  That is, if you’re a big fan of Deadpool.  If you aren’t, I’d avoid this game.  Overall, I’d give Deadpool a 79/100, the game isn’t good, but the lead character is great!  I would, however, wait until the game has dropped in price due to the length of the singleplayer campaign, I clocked in only about 12 hours, and that includes a cloud save error, forcing a replay of approximately 2 hours.  Wait for a price reduction to $19.99, forget how old you are, and start slicing and dicing.

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  1. Sounds like it turned out exactly like I thought it would. I’m gonna take your advice and wait for the price drop or get it used in a month or two, sounds like I’m not missing anything too critical, though it’ll be a decent enough time waster when I get around to it.

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