Darth Vader Mobile Charger

vader-mobile-chargerThe Dark Side is looking pretty sleek these days, thanks to a new Darth Vader device! Magic-Pro came out with a limited edition Star Wars ProMini 9000 mobile charger. Now Vader can keep all of your gadgets get fully charged with Sith energy. Your phone, iPad, iPod, tablet, and any mobile device can be juiced with the help of the Dark Lord. The mobile battery charger takes about 12-13 hours to fill up, then it is good for all day charging. Dual USB output, and a smartchip for over-charge/discharge/load/and short-circuit gives added protection not to fry your devices. Engraved with Darth Vader on the aluminum alloy casing–makes this the best mobile charger on the market! I desperately need one for work, too much FlappyBird on my breaks, Vader I need your help! Available at shop.brando.com the Darth Vader charger is just under $90 bucks. A must have for any Star Wars tech savvy nerd!


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