This Week In Comics 3/12/14

The day that is new comic book day is upon us! The smells and rituals of going to the shop, zig-zagging through nerds, seeking out the issues that you want, and making sure the copy you buy is in pristine condition. Or you might have a box that gets automatically filled with your pull-list, that’s cool too I guess. I’m going to start this week with some news from Image Comics pertaining a Chew/Revival crossover coming up in May. interviews Mike Norton the creator of Revival about how the idea of the crossover came up and his candidness makes the interview pretty funny. The covers of the crossover look great, and I’m sure they will be some of our picks of the week!



Zombie_Warmanifest-destiny-5Zombie War- Complete Graphic Novel

The classic Zombie War once was only available in black and white–got the color treatment a couple months back. Now the 2 issue set is available all together in this graphic novel. Kevin Eastman from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame co-created this all out zombie brawl over 20 years ago!

Manifest Destiny #5

The re-telling of the Lewis and Clark journey but with monsters might be the greatest premise ever! I really dig this series, and I missed out on getting a 1st printing of  issue #1. I know it’s not that big of deal, but if you are a completist like me, you tend to dwell on “important” things like this. It will be on my list to look for at the Emerald City Comic Con at the end of the month!

the-returning-1deadpool-25The Returning #1

A little bit of an oxymoron here, because The Returning is actually debuting this week. It’s promising to be filled with horror and mystery. Set in the year 2022, people that have a near-death experience become violently not themselves. Sounds pretty cool, and it’s looking like Boom! Studios is branching out for more adult series.

Deadpool #25

This is the last issue of the Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. arc and you know what that means… flashback issue!!! At least that has been the flow so far. All the flashback issues have been great, and it really does keep it fresh I feel like. Then I know issue #27 is the Deadpool wedding, which I feel is going to be made into a big event.


Topher’s Picks:

Captain Marvel #!Hawkeye #17Captain Marvel #1

Yes, it’s a bit early to reboot the Captain Marvel series, but with Kelly Sue DeConnick still at the helm, I have complete faith that the series will remain true to form.  The last run had one hell of a great role model for young women at the helm, that was a great superhero for the masses as well.  I cannot wait to read this new #1!  5 covers available

Hawkeye #17

Kelly Sue’s husband, Matt Fraction, is riding shotgun this week, with the highly anticipated return of Captain Marvel, but I’m sure that he’s ok with that.  Hawkeye returns with the finale (?) of the current arc, the Barton Bros are bruised and beaten, but are they actually BEATEN?  You know that Hawkeye is one of my favorite series out there, so I’ll be finding out with you!

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