About Isabel Yazhrewte

Isabel (Izzy) is possibly the least nerdy person on this site, a source of profound consternation to her, because she views being a nerd as a badge of strong character build. She is an adept artist, dancer, and writer, and is working on a novel that has absolutely nothing to do with Dragon Age. She loves dogs, horses, and long walks on the beach (with said animals). She is very glad and very proud to be a part of this project.

Thor: The Dark World: Izzie’s Continuing Love Affair with Anti-Heroes


First off: SPOILER ALERT. “Thor: the Dark World” just came out in theaters this last Friday, and the little girl in me squealed in delight … Continue reading

Nerd Speak: The Whovians Have Spoken

Doctor Who 12

For all you Who-ligans out there, you may have heard (or may have mourned, as the case may be) that the sensational and, let’s face … Continue reading

The Shepard Diaries #6: Finally…

Mass-Effect-3 wii u

I, first off, wholeheartedly apologize for the delay in this final chapter in my Mass Effect experience, not that it is at all integral in … Continue reading