topherbigbadtoph: Been alive a long time, procreated three humanoids, and dominated many Xbox players.  Has a refined taste for refried beans, and I have the skidmarks to prove it.  Writes words, listens to sounds, and tastes tasty tastes.




frank-thumbnailpunkpal: Unlicensed private detective by day, scouring the interwebs for The Nerd Filter by night. Owns a tortoise named Mitch. On a lifelong quest for the perfect corndog. If I don’t know what you are talking about, I will still smile and nod. Sneezes super loud. Favorite pastimes include; skee-ball, competitive eating, and Lou Ferrigno look a like contests. Irrelevant streams of consciousness can be found on my twitter @punkpal.



    Astinsan:  if it speaks in bits and bytes it can be hacked!

    Jay Brooks   –

    Hardware hacker, Software Developer, System Adminstrator, Master Hater.

   There can be only one.


11242683_10206790540512117_3499368824677559482_nGnarsh: Fan of horror movies & music, Comic book reader & collector, Lover of open world video games, Snack expert extraordinaire. All this and more next week on The A-Team!




4 Responses to Authors

  1. JayJay says:

    Finally you all are joining me on this page… was getting lonely

  2. batmanbatman says:

    you all look like closet dwellers… come out come out wherever you are.

  3. batmanbatman says:

    whenever gotham is in the dumps and i want to feel better about my life, i go to and read the authors’ page… it could always be worse is what i’m saying.

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