topherbigbadtoph: Been alive a long time, procreated three humanoids, and dominated many Xbox players.  Has a refined taste for refried beans, and I have the skidmarks to prove it.  Writes words, listens to sounds, and tastes tasty tastes.




frank-thumbnailpunkpal: Unlicensed private detective by day, scouring the interwebs for The Nerd Filter by night. Owns a tortoise named Mitch. On a lifelong quest for the perfect corndog. If I don’t know what you are talking about, I will still smile and nod. Sneezes super loud. Favorite pastimes include; skee-ball, competitive eating, and Lou Ferrigno look a like contests. Irrelevant streams of consciousness can be found on my twitter @punkpal.



    Astinsan:  if it speaks in bits and bytes it can be hacked!

    Jay Brooks   –

    Hardware hacker, Software Developer, System Adminstrator, Master Hater.

   There can be only one.


11242683_10206790540512117_3499368824677559482_nGnarsh: Fan of horror movies & music, Comic book reader & collector, Lover of open world video games, Snack expert extraordinaire. All this and more next week on The A-Team!




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  1. Finally you all are joining me on this page… was getting lonely

  2. you all look like closet dwellers… come out come out wherever you are.

  3. whenever gotham is in the dumps and i want to feel better about my life, i go to and read the authors’ page… it could always be worse is what i’m saying.

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