Nerdy Cyber Monday Sales


Luckily for us nerds with social disorders, God has invented our answer for Black Friday, and that’s Cyber Monday.  Unfortunately for us home bodies, most … Continue reading

This Week In Comic Books 09/04/13

Infinity #2

Woot Woot!  Its Wednesday again boys and girls, and that means its comic book day!  This week D.C. is really putting the screws to us … Continue reading

Injustice: Gods Among Us Review


Title:  Injustice: Gods Among Us   Developer: Netherrealm Studios   Available On:  PS3/360/Wii U   Pros/Cons:  Fun to play, Terrible Character Models   Rating:  78/100   … Continue reading

The Morning Stool – Super Nerdy Monday Morning Edition

The Morning Stool with Mario

Hey guys and gals, yes, it is Monday morning, but, for me, it’s an awesome day.  This weekend was, without a doubt, the nerdiest weekend … Continue reading