Bioshock Infinite Review

There is a certain amount of risk in leaving your comfort zone and trying something new, especially when the thing you’re changing is popular.  Irrational Games took a huge leap of faith on Bioshock Infinite in leaving Rapture, and starting … Read More

Found On The InterNERD: Guitars

Welcome back to the InterNERD! This one is going to rock (legally I had to throw that in). Real guitar nerds are always hanging out noodling on each others axes, but these nerdy guitar designs make these rad! I’m sure … Read More

The 5 Best Adult Cartoons

Adult Swim, on Cartoon Network, features many cartoons that are intended for adults.  However, they do not always provide memorable fair. Some cartoons, however, deserve special mention. Other adult cartoons may refer to a racier offering. Fritz the cat falls … Read More

The History of Science Fairs

A science fair is well known as a collection of exhibits that are designed and created by school students of pre-college age. It is also considered a competition where student contestants display their science or technology projects, models and reports … Read More

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