10 Of The Strangest Things You Can Buy On The Internet

You can purchase just about anything online.  You may have come across more than your fair share of strange or oddly interesting products and services while searching online shopping sites.  There are a number of weird things on offer on the Information Superhighway.

However, every now and then, a real gem of a service or product emerges out of nowhere.  Many of these typically gain a bit of viral traction from individuals who write about it on their blogs or share it on social media.

What is even more shocking is the fact that there is actually a market for many of these ridiculous things; individuals are actually purchasing them.

These people are actually spending their money on some of the most unthinkable things on the Internet and doing it for some mysterious reasons.  If you are curious as to what some of these items could be, highlighted below are 8 of the strangest things you can buy on the Internet:

Real Human Skeletons and Skulls

This year, you can take your Halloween decorations to a whole new level with a human skeleton or skull from Skulls Unlimited.  You may be wondering if this supplier is stealing bodies and selling the bones on the Internet; however, they are ethically and legally obtained.

The company is actually the world’s foremost seller of osteological specimens.  Typically, they are limited in supply, as such, if you are serious about buying these bones that previously belonged to real human beings, you will need to quickly take advantage of this purchase.

Etsy Ebola Crafts

Etsy is known for being an online selling platform where a number of chic and adorable things can be found.  However, it you search diligently enough, you could also discover quite a few things that would be right at home in a “weird” category.

An example of this is Ebola-inspired crafts.  Full disclosure – this cross stitch microbe was made upon the request of a scientific researcher.

Someone to Stand in Line on Your Behalf

There has been an increasing market for people to stand in lines for others.  Nowadays, there are many individuals who are unable to add anything else to their busy schedules; therefore, this service actually makes sense.

Additionally, it is not that much different from hiring a personal assistant.  Over the last few years, more and more individuals have been getting paid to stand in line for tickets or to buy new products when they hit the market.

The Twerking Butt

the twerking butt

This device has definitely been turning a lot of heads online since its introduction.  You should really think twice before clicking that link as it is not safe for work.  This is actually a sex toy designed by PornHub, the Internet porn streaming company.

It is made with state-of-the-art “cyberskin technology.”  The package includes a realistic-looking butt that twerks like a professional and you will also receive a pair of cyber goggles to benefit from the full experience.

A Mail Order Bride

price of a mail order bride

Or for something really useful why not buy a mail order bride.  Happily, for all concerned you can’t simply look online and order a hot blond shipped to you by FedEx.  That would be slavery. That is both illegal immoral and a lot of trouble.

But you can actually meet a woman who looks like a fitness model or your hot second grade teacher you can’t forget.  A maybe it would be best if they called them mail order introductions?

That is still pretty attractive, but of course you are still probably worried about how much it is all going to cost.  Well, there are a lot of ways to figure out the price of finding the woman you might just marry.

The Selfie Brush

It is highly likely, at some point, that you will need to brush your hair before snapping a selfie.  This will not be a problem with the Selfie Brush.

It works by sticking your cellphone in the back of the brush as this makes it much easier to hold.  Additionally, it can be flipped around and ran through your hair any time you wish.  It is truly amazing.

Enemy Glitter

enemy glitter

In early 2015, what started out as a joke website went viraland it is now an actual thing.  The creator actually set up the website not expecting to receive thousands of orders to ship boxes of glitter bombs anonymously to people the buyers hate.

Eventually, the website was sold to someone with the capacity to fulfill all the orders and maintain the business.  The boxes are specifically designed for glitter to go everywhere upon opening them.   It is guaranteed that your enemy will have this hard-to-clean stuff stuck in different places around their home for weeks.

Canned Unicorn Meat

Consumers who appreciate one of the rarest delicacies on earth will certainly appreciate this.  If you believe unicorns are a myth, think again. Canned unicorn meat can now be purchased on the Internet and served in a spicy, delicious sauce.

The sellers have highlighted that it is an exceptional “source of sparkles.”  Similar to the Kobe beef industries, the unicorns are fed a steady diet entirely comprising candy corn.  In addition, Guinness is used by the caretakers to massage the coats of the unicorns on a daily basis.

Of course, no unicorn meat is in the can; there is actually no meat at all.  When the SPAM-shaped can is opened, you will discover a stuffed unicorn that has been dismembered.  The base of the container can be easily removed; therefore, it won’t be ruined by a can opener and the joke can be repeatedly inflicted on unsuspecting loved ones.

Caffeinated Bath Soap

caffeinated soap

One of the bad things about coffee is that it cannot be taken everywhere you go and the shower is one of those forbidden places.  However, there is something you can do when you need that extra jolt of energy in the morning and it is too late to brew a pot of coffee.

Caffeinated bath soap will provide you with an intake of 200 milligram of caffeine every time you shower.  It promises to supply the same amount of caffeine as a strong cup of coffee.

In addition, the minty smell of the soap will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your day.  This unconventional bar of soap has received rave reviews, with the majority of users saying it definitely boosts their levels of alertness and energy.

An Abraham Lincoln Campaign Button

OK, so you know the twist – Lincoln wins and becomes one of America’s greatest presidents.  But in 1860 he was just a one term congressman from Illinois in a field of four other legitimate candidates.

And this cool button shows photos of both Lincoln and his vice president Hannibal Hamlin.  The photos were made through a process called ferrotype and they actually still look pretty good. What do you think a Trump campaign button will look like in a 150 years?

There are lots of other historical oddities available online.  Want a lock of Admiral Lord Nelson’s hair?  It can be yours for $35,000.  What could you do with that?  I am not sure, but cloning technology has developed a lot in recent years.

Internet weirdness is here to say so it makes sense to get used to it.  There are tons of cool and crazy products just waiting to be discovered. If you can conceive it, there is a big chance that someone has already made it and it is up for sale somewhere on the grand old Internet.

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