5 Best New Comic Books of 2012

If you’re an avid comic book fan, you’re always on the look for the latest and greatest comics. With new books being released all the time, it can be hard to choose, but there are certain comics released in 2012 that stood out from the rest.

That includes Batman Incorporated, which contains a ton of originality and humor that you’re sure to love if you enjoy the typical Batman comic. Although there have only been two issues released as of yet, you’re sure to get addicted once you finish the first. The artistry in these comics is astounding and the content keeps you flipping the pages one after the other. You still get the same classic Batman, but with a wholly different feel about it that sets it apart from the rest.

There is also The Spider comic, by writer David Liss and artist Cotton Worley. This comic gives you the chance to learn more about the rather forgotten Spider character from the pulp days, paying tribute to stories from the past but always keeping it modern and fun. If you like your heroes with a bit of edge, you’re sure to enjoy this read. The graphics are great and the story is fun all the way through, albeit with a serious tone. You get the typical vigilante comic hero, but there is something very different about this comic that makes it stand out and keeps it memorable among the selection.

Aquaman from DC Entertainment is another comic that makes the list of the best of 2012. In this comic, Aquaman has more of a tough side than most comic fans know of him, with the comic focusing on the characters and solid stories throughout. The comic serves as an insightful and interesting read, and you’re not going to be able to put it down once you start reading it, because it’s a real page turner. You see Aquaman like you’ve never seen him before and that task alone is a feat well-deserving of praise, to Geoff Johns the writer of this Aquaman comic.

Another top pick is Dancer by Nathan Edmondson. Although this comic may go overlooked by some, it’s well worth a read if you’re looking for something new and different in the world of comics. A pulse-pounding thriller, it’s full of excitement and danger, perfect for the comic fan who wants something a little less expected than you get with the average comic book. With deep plots and some incredible art done by artist Nic Klein, every true comic fan can appreciate this one.

Don’t forget about Daredevil on the list as the best of 2012, where you get to learn more about Daredevil and his past, which really hasn’t been an option in most of the past comics featuring this hero. With a collection of artists taking part in this particular comic, you see a variety of styles throughout which keeps it interesting and fresh.

These are just 5 Best New Comic Books of 2012, and there are many others that could easily make the list.

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