7 Real Life Places That Would Make Great Supervillain Hideouts

We’ve all probably watched the not so new genre of Marvel Comic movies where the superheroes are always matched against a supervillain that wants to either destroy the earth and all humanity or wants to have total control of our planet and probably the universe. So what exactly is a supervillain?

These egocentric, malevolent monsters with unbelievable powers are either megalomaniac humans who have undergone a transformation due to a scientific experiment, or they are guys with a lot of money that want…more money. It’s probably true that we have a few of these in our midst already but instead of destroying cities and causing mayhem on a busy street, they quietly go about their business using their money and power to achieve the same end.

Let’s аѕѕumе that we are talking more of a Lex Luthоr, Rаѕ Al Ghul, world dоmіnаtіng tуре of supervillain. If you want to become a famous, or infamous, dastardly, pathetic supervillain then it’s rесоmmеnded you аmаzіnglу survive ѕоmе tragic ассіdеnt thаt gives you fantastic аwе іnѕріrіng or even gоd lіkе роwеrѕ аnd bеgіn rоbbіng bаnkѕ in a colorful costume. Failing thаt, іf you either іnvеnt оr ѕtеаl (possibly frоm уоur brother) ѕоmе fаntаѕtіс device thаt transforms you into thе above, then that wоuld wоrk juѕt as well.

But all supervillains need to live somewhere, to have a quiet place to spend their time planning evil activities to unleash on the world. It’s not necessarily true that it has to be hidden away and look like a fortress from ‘Game of Thrones’. The hideout can be unpretentious or conversely, ostentatious.

Here’s are 7 example of a great place to hatch secret plots and try to rule the world.

Riegersburg Castle


Centuries ago this castle used to house evil women rather than men but it’s potential to house a supervillain is obvious from just looking at the picture. Accessible only by helicopter or a very steep road, superheroes would have a hard time covering their approach should they want to defeat the villain.

Don’t try to tunnel in either because this impenetrable fortess is built on a dormant volcano. It has 108 rooms and five gates which are all guarded by robotic dogs that tear your legs off using their combination Jaw Saws. The dogs are all called FIDO – Ferocious Intricately Devised Omnivores.

The Corpus Museum


Located in the Netherlands and posing as a museum the statue of the supervillain himself is a dead giveaway. Using his superintelligent mind, the malevolent villain has fooled the general public into believing this structure is a scientific showpiece of human body parts. Innocent visitors can wander through the hideout which has been constructed so that you think you are moving through a body.

Unfortunately for some, they have taken a wrong turn, it is presumed, and walked into the mouth, never to be heard from again. There is no doubt in the minds of many that these ‘lost’ humans are now minions of the supervillain, and they have been released back out into the public to do his evil bidding.

 Cobra Towers


This building is fittingly called the Cobra Towers and is located in oil rich Kuwait. It is know to be the headquarters of The Cobra himself, a deadly supervillain who, after a scientific experiment that went wrong, ended up with his skin turning into that of a snake. “Slithering Serpents, Batman!” said young Robin when confronted by this arch villain during one of their attempts at revealing the Cobra’s real identity. The elevator system operates using air pressure rather than an ascending compartment.

The Cobra, when threatened by super heroes, flicks a switch and the towers rotate like two snakes in a dance of love making it impossible to reach his fortified penthouse apartment, which he lovingly refers to as ‘The Fang.’ This dastardly devil has been clever enough to develop engineering designs and techniques that are not generally known and one can only wonder at what other world threatening inventions he has in mind.

Retro-Futuristic Monument – Croatia


If ever a building was made to house an intergalactic supervillain then this is it. Some experts believe that there is a secret underground entrance to this monument and that inside, building his super fusion sun killer, is an alien from a distant galaxy.

Superheroes that are giving this structure their close attention are convinced that it is a building of unparalleled malevolence. The half globe in the centre is rumoured to be semi transparent and on some nights it emanates an eerie glow. It appears to be made of a substance that does not allow access by any know earthly force. There seems little doubt that the whole structure is actually a spacecraft which uses space worms to cross galaxies in seconds of time.

Buzludzha Monument – Bulgaria


This building is actually a UFO that landed in Bulgaria a few years ago and has sat, undisturbed, on top of a hill, overlooking the planet. This is a perfect place for a supervillain to set up headquarters and plan his next move that may include the total destruction of earth.

He may have already started with his mind control of the majority of the Bulgarian population who play an instrument called the Gaida which is a form of bagpipes. It’s common knowledge that listening to bagpipes, such as they do in Scotland, turns normal humans into zombie-like creatures.

Casa do Penedo – Portugal


Not only is this a well-isolated building but its location is not known. This photograph was found in a camera on a body of a hiker who had been reported lost for more than a month. The type of death he suffered was not made public but rumour has it that his body was perfectly preserved except for a missing organ – his brain! Definitely the work of a supervillain who is using the anonymity of his location to carry out indescribable human experimentation!

For superheroes or governments to locate and demolish or investigate this structure will be extremely difficult considering its natural protection provided by the huge, granite boulders.

The White House – USA


The White House. Under the guise of the name “President”, supervillains sometimes live here and try to use this very famous house to overthrow 3rd World Countries, declare war on nations that don’t agree with him and test superweapons without anybody knowing about it. Some of the incumbents have very cleverly used normal names like “Bush” instead of more easily recognizable titles like MonsterMan.

However, not many knew that the initials ‘G.W.’ stood for Gangsta Warlord, a certain sign of impending world domination. The clever use of peaceful gardens and the color white has enabled this supervillain lair to remain undetected for decades. Superheroes and honest civilians are not able to penetrate the security and defences of this innocent looking building, try as they might!

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