The Vinyl Nerd: Trick Or Tracks

Hey fellow record collectors! Halloween is coming up quick, and I have bought a few records for the season. Here are my latest pickups. Wednesday 13-Tunes From The Crypt! This is only a 7 inch but is still very cool. … Read More

The Vinyl Nerd: LP Extreme

Hey guys, the record bug is still going strong. I have acquired a few more sweet records since last time and am here to share them with you. I finally got a copy of Creepshow! This one I have watched … Read More

Jays Rev’d OS: Elementary Linux

Hello all Going to start off a new topic LINUX distribution Evaluations Done by Myself. Some will be almost unknown like.   Aloneix a interesting distribution that just makes you want to kill your self.. [Pictured Below] Funny and sick … Read More

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