Welcome to the Strange: Virgin Gets Bionic Penis After Childhood Tragedy

Hey strangers, How are you all? So this is a weird yet cool and sort of beautiful in a odd way story.


Life has been pretty hard (not until recently wink wink) for Mohammed Abad.

The 43 year old virgin from Edinburgh, Scotland, lost all of his genitals when he was hit by a car and dragged 600 feet at just 6 years old, That really blows chunks.

Thirty seven years later, he got a new lease on life and freaky wild sex after surgeons at University College London gave him an 8 inch bionic penis. Using a button in his scrotum, Abad can now inflate his new manhood with fluids from an implant in his belly.

“When you want a bit of action you press the ‘on’ button, and when you are finished you press another button. It takes seconds,”

It took doctors three years and dozens of operations to craft and attach a new member, molded using skin grafts from his arm. The final operation last month took 11 hours.

Now he’s looking for love or just some good strange.

“Some ladies might want to try it out,” he said. 

In 2013, Abad appeared on a news segment called Embarrassing Bodies, where he said that the penis he had after the accident, which was a little over 2 inches, was completely numb.

Of course, Abad’s not the first person to get a new sense of pride.

An unidentified South African man received  the worlds first penis transplant last year. He is doing well and expecting a child, so I’ve read.

He’s gonna get some cool nicknames like Robo Cock! When he hits the boner button do you think it makes the noise of the Bionic Man jumping? Stay strange!