Video Games

Remember Me Review

REmember Me Boxart Title:  Remember Me Developer:  Dontnod Entertainment Pros/Cons:  Innovative to a fault Rating:  81/100 Available On:  PC/PS3/360 I can admit it, I am a sucker for  something new when it comes to video games.  New ideas, seemingly, are … Read More

The Failings of the Wii U

Nintendo-Wii-U-Black-1920× Let me start this piece off by stating that one month ago I purchased a Wii U.  I did so knowing all the problems that the Wii U is facing, and still made the purchase regardless. I am, also, pleased … Read More

Sim City Review

simcity2013_logo-930×465 Recently, I wrote a Top 5 list that covered The Video Games That Shaped My Childhood, where I chronicled the games that made me the gamer I am today.  Somehow, the original Sim City was omitted, perhaps it was because … Read More

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