Cinemawesome: Dude Bro Party Massacre III

Once, twice, three times a dude bro party massacre, That’s right this week I watched Dude Bro Party Massacre 3!

Not since the awesomeness of Kung Fury have I laughed so hard and for so long, It’s probably because DBPM3 is 60 minutes longer than Kung Fury, and being high sure doesn’t hurt either.

So this is a little of what it’s about. “In the wake of two back-to-back mass murders on Chico’s frat row, loner Brent Chirino must infiltrate the ranks of a popular fraternity to investigate his twin brother’s murder at the hands of the serial killer known as Motherface.” – IMDB


Do you like A list celebrities? Well you won’t find any in this movie, but you will find a bunch of celebs that I think are pretty rad in their own cool way like, Patton Oswalt, Nina Hartley (Hey I’ve mastur…never mind!), The first man on earth Larry King, John Francis Daley and the party god himself ANDREW W.K.!

Gore, massive death, crazy ass humor, sex with a bag of oranges, DBPM3 has it all! No seriously it does, it spoofed so many things. Like the cleaning montage from Revenge of the Nerds, that’s right they have their own version(Clean it up, clean it up).


I hope to see more things from these guys, So if you want to check out this flick go to their website for showings or to download a copy for yourself, trust me it is fucking worth it!