Console Corner – E3 Impressions

So E3 hasn’t even finished yet and the buzz around LA and across the internet is one of frenzied excitement. Microsoft and Sony have taken to the stage and shown their next generation hand and it was glorious. But underneath the excitement is still a sense of dread and confusion about policy and drm in the next generation, this is shocking when you consider that these machines will be on the market in the next six months.

Lets look at the games, at the end of my last bog I predicted that Microsoft would have a superior line up of games and I feel that was how things played out. Microsoft’s line up looked very good the personal highlights for me were Ryse and Dead Rising 3, this topped off with the stunning Halo presentation was impressive. But there was a sense of familiarity that surrounded the whole thing nothing felt fresh or new a few shooters, a new Forza game and the aforementioned Ryse it felt like it was played incredibly safe by Microsoft knowing exactly what was at risk for them because of their absolute tragedy policy announcements re online requirements and drm. Microsoft also hold the exclusivity agreement for Titanfall which looked great but you would expect nothing less from Respawn Entertainment.

This guy looks like Gerard Butler

This guy looks like Gerard Butler

Sony on the other hand suffered from a different problem their display of indie games where brilliant and that is an area of the PS4 I am really excited about. Aside from that they really lacked that first party exclusive title spark. We already knew about #Driveclub, Killzone, Infamous and Knack aside from that all they bought to the table was The Order which looked okay but once again very, very samey. Exclusives wise they are lacking but their 3 biggest studios naughty dog, media molecule and Santa Monica weren’t present at e3 although Santa Monica are involved in the development of The Order, we can assume that Naughty are working on an Uncharted and maybe even a sequel to The Last of Us, Media Molecule will be working on something maybe not a Little Big Planet though and Santa Monica may even have a new God of War up their sleeve. My only concern was the exclusives that they have evidently lost to Microsoft specifically Metal Gear Solid and Kingdom Hearts (uber excited for this by the way).

Ready at Dawns - The Order

Ready at Dawns – The Order

The best of the third party releases were probably Watch Dogs, the Division and Battlefield 4. BF4 multiplier demo just blew my mind although since it has been suggested that a lot of the destruction (namely the impressive skyscraper collapse) was actually scripted and happened in every time the level was played. I don’t want to discuss every third party title lets just say they were familiar and decisions over what titles to play next gen is going to be challenging.

the Impressive Watch Dogs

the Impressive Watch Dogs

The thing that bothered me the most around the show so far is what has generated the biggest applause so far was the announcement from Sony around used games I think it is a shame that an event that i supposed to generate interest in games and gaming has been over shadowed by politics.

I look forward to the last day of the show and some more analysis and reaction from The Nerd Filter.

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