DVD and Blu Ray Releases for 07/23/13

Welcome to the DVD and Blu Ray releases for the week. Not too many must have titles here, but some interesting choices. Let’s see what we got.



An art heist is the premise for Trance. But with Danny Boyle directing this, you can be sure this is going to be visually stunning.

Welcome To The Punch


Welcome To The Punch looks like an exciting action movie. When a criminal is forced to move to London it gives a detective the chance to kill the man he’s been after.

Kiss Of The Damned


Vampire sisters are turning a lot of guys into vampires, especially one sex crazed sister. Nobody is safe!

Mystery Science Theater XXVII


The best smart-ass commentators are back in MST3K Vol. XXVII. This box set you get movies; The Slime People, Village Of The Giants, The Deadly Mantis, and Rocket Attack U.S.A.



A new horror film by Francis Ford Coppola. A writer on a book tour uncovers a murder, but a lot of the details are disturbingly close to home.

Superjail: Season 3


Season 3 of the hilarious insane show Superjail. 10 episodes of  this Adult Swim show is sure to alter your mind forever!