DVD and Blu Ray Releases for 08/13/13

Welcome to the DVD and Blu Ray releases for the week. Not too many good choices this time, but we have a lot of TV series that are worth checking out. Let’s see what we got.

Olympus Has Fallen


1 of the 100 movies Morgan Freeman does every year. Olympus Has Fallen is about a terrorist group overthrowing the White House and kidnapping the President.

Girls: The Complete Second Season


The HBO show Girls’ 2nd season is now on Blu Ray and DVD. I watched the 1st season and it had some pretty funny stuff in it. More of a coming of age, finding yourself drama mixed with comedy, but I recommend giving Girls a try.

The Muppet Movie: Nearly 35th Anniversary


The classic Muppet Movie is getting a special edition Blu Ray, the Nearly 35th Anniversary Edition. All new special features in this edition, a must for all the Muppet fanatics.

Doctor Who: The Green Death


I don’t know much about Dr. Who besides the crazy Whovian fans. Although maybe one day I will get into it, cause look at the cover of this! Giant maggots with teeth! Holy crap what kind of shit is going on in the Who universe.

Doctor Who: Spearhead From Space


Another reason I haven’t jumped into Dr. Who, too many volumes! Like this is the same Doctor and years as the other volume. Though reading the descriptions, they are different. Maybe the other was just the maggot storyline.

The Mindy Project: Season One


Mindy Kaling is super funny and a good writer. She was great on The Office. I have seen maybe 2 episodes of The Mindy Project, didn’t really stand out for me. I’d watch them maybe if they become available on Netflix Instant. If you’ve seen this show what do you think?