DVD and Blu Ray Releases for 08/27/13

Welcome to this week’s DVD and Blu Ray releases. Some pretty good titles this time around, and a limited edition box set that will cost you you’re head! Let’s see what we got.

The Great Gatsby


Visionary director Baz Luhrmann does The Great Gatsby. I like his work, very out of the ordinary from most films these days.

Best Of W.B. 25 Cartoon Collection: DC Comics


Winner of the longest title, this collection looks cool if you are a big fan of DC animated shows.

Pawn Shop Chronicles


This movie sounds pretty cool. Pawn Shop Chronicles has 3 different stories all connected in some way. This flick has an all star cast too, especially Lucas Haas! He’s pretty Haawesome.

The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh


First time on Blu Ray for this classic Winnie the Pooh title. Disney does great work with their Blu Rays, originally from 1977, I’m sure this looks great in high def.

Sons Of Anarchy: Season 5


I haven’t checked out S.O.A. yet but all I hear is good things. Friend-of-the-filter Amber might be taking over this DVD column in the near future– and she is obsessed with this show! I am a fan of Ron Perlman, so I might decide to check this out soon.

The Walking Dead: Season 3


The Walking Dead season 3 is out, and you have 3 options. The DVD, Blu Ray, and this limited edition Blu Ray zombie head aquarium! This is unbelievable packaging, a must have for die-hard fans. I was pretty impressed with season 3, a whole lot of turns, and the Governor is a pretty great villain.