DVD, Blu Ray and Netflix for 1/7/14

Happy New Year!  No real blockbusters out this week, but a lot of television DVD’s drop.

Runner Runner

runner runner

Starring Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake about a college student (Timberlake) who uses online poker (that’s smart stupid) to finance his education at Princeton.  When a game goes south, Timberlake tracks down his competitor in Costa Rica to get his money back.  I hear in real life Affleck is a HUGE poker player, must have been easy for him in this movie.  And, JT…he is turning out to be a pretty good actor, not like his wife.

Thanks for Sharing

thanks for sharing

Sex addicts in treatment.  Staring Mark Ruffalo, Gweneth “Goopy” Paltrow, and PINK!!!!!  Did I say PINK is in this (although credited by her legal name)??  I love Pink, and am going to suffer thru watching Goopy in this to check her out!

Big Ass Spiders!


For you B movie horror buffs out there we have this nugget.  About a big ass spider (duh) and an exterminator played by Greg Grundberg who is tasked with killing that sucker to save man kind.

Being Human Season 3

being human

This is also running on the BBC.  About a ghost, werewolf and vampire who live together.

Archer Season 4

archer season 4

Seen the previews for this during the three months I actually watch FX (Sons of Anarchy season) but reading about it, sounds interesting.


It made CNN of all places all the movies that were being removed from Netflix come the first of the year.  Movies like Titanic, Flashdance (which, I saw at the movies when it came out) and Top Gun, Braveheart are no longer, fear not…some good ones were added.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Amelie (very good foreign flick, subtitled from French),  Bull Durham, Days of Thunder, Big Trouble in Little China, Star Trek-the movie, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Raging Bull, Spaceballs, The original Red Dawn (and they still have the new one with the better looking Hemsworth) Good Burger (Keenan Thompson pre SNL), The Chinese Connection (RIP Bruce Lee), Thelma and Louise, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp when he still showered regularly and didn’t wear guyliner), West Side Story, and, American Psycho which, contrary to popular belief does NOT star nor is about the slow Kardashian’s baby daddy.  

Also, all 8 seasons of Dexter are now at your disposal there too.

Have a great week!


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