eBay Buffet: Episode 10

Do you ever have trouble not knowing what to spend your money on? It’s an epidemic that is sweeping private golf courses to cigar clubs. Or maybe you’re like me and are more blue collar than white, but still like to look at all the pointless treasures that can be found on the internet. Even working class stiffs like to spend money on collectibles, but ultimately money helps not getting yourself homeless. Welcome to eBay Buffet! The series that will showcase something cool I find on eBay. The item might be pointless, might even be mocked at by some, but nonetheless it will have the magic jenesqua enough for me to write about!

Episode 10: Star Trek Animation Cel


Up for auction is a reproduction animation cel from the Star Trek animated series. This isn’t an original but it’s pretty cool that it’s signed by William Shatner. Here is the link to the auction *note that the link will not be active if the item sells or gets re-listed*

The seller is asking $699 dollars for this piece at a Buy-It-Now. It’s a little steep, and pretty much only die-hard Trek fans who loved the cartoon would even dish out that kind of dough. It would be a lot cooler if it was an original production cel. This listing says this certain reproduction cel is limited to 7500. It’s a great image though with Kirk and Bones in the midst of Tribbles on the ship!

I know William Shatner still does a ton of conventions so his signature isn’t all that rare. However finding that perfect Star Trek item that is worthy of the Shat to scribble on is a challenge itself. So this item’s listing price can be justified if you got the 700 bones to dish out.

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