eBay Buffet: Episode 12

Do you ever have trouble not knowing what to spend your money on? It’s an epidemic that is sweeping Yoko Ono’s art exhibits to Taylor Swift concerts. Or maybe you’re like me and are more blue collar than white, but still like to look at all the pointless treasures that can be found on the internet. Even working class stiffs like to spend money on collectibles, but ultimately money helps not getting yourself homeless. Welcome to eBay Buffet! The series that will showcase something cool I find on eBay. The item might be pointless, might even be mocked at by some, but nonetheless it will have the magic jenesqua enough for me to write about!


Up for auction is a one of a kind “Hobo Nickel” of Nightcrawler from the X-Men! If you don’t know what the hobo nickel art form is, check out a FOTI Defaced Currency for a reference. Here is the link to the auction *note that the link will not be active if the item sells or gets re-listed*

This is truly incredible, it must have taken a lot of time to detail this silver dollar into Nightcrawler. Carved by artist Shane Hunter, this X-Men coin will set you back $275 regular dollar coins. This auction does have a Or-Best-Offer option, so I’m sure the seller is willing to negotiate the price down a tad. If you already have multiple copies of Giant Size X-Men #1, then this is a must have for any die-hard Nightcrawler fan!

If I won the lottery I would buy a ton of random hobo nickels and just use them as regular currency! That would be just one type of crazy thing I’d do with a ton of disposable loot. I would be a great millionaire I tell ya!

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