eBay Buffet: Episode 13

Do you ever have trouble not knowing what to spend your money on? It’s an epidemic that is sweeping Disney Cruise Lines to Tesla dealerships. Or maybe you’re like me and are more blue collar than white, but still like to look at all the pointless treasures that can be found on the internet. Even working class stiffs like to spend money on collectibles, but ultimately money helps not getting yourself homeless. Welcome to eBay Buffet! The series that will showcase something cool I find on eBay. The item might be pointless, might even be mocked at by some, but nonetheless it will have the magic jenesqua enough for me to write about!

Episode 13: Celebrity Deathmatch Props


Up for auction are two screen used Celebrity Deathmatch figures! They seem to be in pretty good shape. Here is the link to the auction *note that the link will not be active if the item sells or gets re-listed*

Back in the late 90’s Celebrity Deathmatch was a popular show on MTV. It would put together 2 celebrities in a ring for a fight to the death. It was pretty crude as you can imagine, but it was a mindless fun show. Often it would pick the celebs that had recent feuds with each other. The show was done in a “foamation” stop motion animation style similar to claymation, but using foam models.

Here in this auction is Jenna Elfman and Kathy Griffin. Pretty D class celebs today. The price is a whopping $1,950 bucks for the pair. Which you would have to be a huge fan of these actresses or just love the show to justify such a price-tag. If it were more of a household name celebrity I would see asking so much, but I don’t see this auction selling anytime soon. I dunno, maybe these are pretty rare nowadays. Not sure how many survived.

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