eBay Buffet: Episode 6

Do you ever have trouble not knowing what to spend your money on? It’s an epidemic that is sweeping Kim Kardashian’s butt to Kanye West’s ego. Or maybe you’re like me and are more blue collar than white, but still like to look at all the pointless treasures that can be found on the internet. Even working class stiffs like to spend money on collectibles, but ultimately money helps not getting yourself homeless. Welcome to eBay Buffet! The series that will showcase something cool I find on eBay. The item might be pointless, might even be mocked at by some, but nonetheless it will have the magic jenesqua enough for me to write about!

Episode 6: Dark Helmet Prop


Up for auction is a “screen-used” prop from the movie Spaceballs. This was featured on the TV show Comic Book Men in season 3 episode 10. On the show, the owner did not have any paperwork to prove it’s authenticity, and the crew at the Stash passed on buying this. Here is a link to the auction *note that the link will not be active if the item sells or gets re-listed*

Now it has resurfaced on eBay, using the little fame it got and trying to fetch $8,000 bucks! Whoa, that is pretty steep for a prop that can’t be proven to actually be in the film.

I still think this is cool however. The eBay seller does have an ‘Or Best Offer’ option, so I bet he would take a lot less, but I doubt he would go lower than 5K. Spaceballs is one of the best parody movies ever made, and there are a lot of Mel Brooks fans out there. This would look great in a nerd cave, and be an awesome conversation piece. You would have to be the ultimate Spaceballs fan though to even consider dishing out that kind of money for this. I mean it’s cool, but you can get so many other certified authentic pieces for even cheaper. Plus Dark Helmet only wore this in the desert scenes, it’s not like this is his everyday black helmet! If buying this helmet gets you an all-access pass to hang out with Rick Moranis while both of us takes turns wearing this, than yes I will put in an offer.

Happy Bidding

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