Found On The InterNERD: Balloon Art Part 2

Welcome back to the InterNERD! We did FOTI Balloon Art Part 1 way back in June of last year, it’s about time we did a Part 2. So many really creative sculptures have made the list this time. Here are the coolest, nerdiest balloon art I found on the InterNERD.

Balloon Slimer. The Ghostbusters’ slimeball Slimer! Created by the talented Friend-of-the-Filter Patricia Balloona. Check out her site for more amazing creations!


Balloon Alien. What the what? This is awesome! I want a giant Alien in my house.


Balloon Game Of Thrones. This is a pretty rad incarnation of Game Of Thrones made out of balloons. Like the watermark says, this one was made by FlashBalloons.


Balloon Cthulhu. The ancient evil god never looked more adorable! I can picture a clown giving this to a little kid.


Balloon Mr. Potato Head. A great sculpture of one of the most beloved toys ever! This won first place at the Balloon Arts Convention back in 2009.


Balloon Slender Man. Haha this is great! Deviant Art’s NoOrdinaryBalloonMan made this to wear at conventions. Check out his gallery for other great sculptures!


Balloon Ninja Turtles. A great effort of all four TMNT, hopefully the Shredder isn’t around to pop them.


Balloon Bowser. Mario’s arch enemy Bowzer is hanging out with Boo and a Bob-omb! Created by Meghan Coleman, she is making a balloon sculpture everyday for a year. You can see all of her balloon art on her Tumblr!


Thanks for tuning in. Such great original ideas can be made out of balloons, it’s pretty mind-blowing! Have any balloon art to share with us? Email or through our Facebook page. Like us and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you are part of our community! Tune in next week to get your nerd fix.