Found On The InterNERD: Comic Book Graffiti Part 2


Hey everybody, it’s InterNERD time! We are back and this time we are bringing a sequel to a great subject. The original FOTI Comic Book Graffiti brought lots of rad urban art. Now we have even more amazing graffiti. Here are the coolest, nerdiest comic book graffiti I found on the InterNERD.

Spider-Man/Ghost Rider/Hulk Graffiti. A great Marvel montage of characters here. This was created by the awesome graffiti artist SEEN. Check out more of his art over at BigComicPage.


Hit-Girl Graffiti. The lethal tyke from Kick-Ass packs in a punch. This one is very Banksy-esque.


Judge Dredd Graffiti. I am the Law! Dredd is looking pretty enforced! This was created by graffiti artists Koze and Onion on a warehouse in Winsdor UK.


Venom Graffiti. This Venom is looking scary! Watch out Spider-Man it looks like Venom has been hitting the gym, or at least steroids.


Sin City Graffiti. This Sin City mural is sweet! Doesn’t look like it’s out on the street, but more on a wall inside. Created by Deviant Art’s Mechanism0022, check out his gallery for more awesome graffiti.


Red Hulk Graffiti. The Red Hulk or ‘Rulk’ is done here with very stylized features. I want a Red Hulk movie some day, maybe after Planet Hulk.


Superhero Lunch Break Graffiti. This is amazing! It’s like the Marvel and DC crews had lunch together on a high rise building construction. I tried to pinpoint who did this to no avail, I believe it’s a real graffiti piece even though I saw a similar image on canvas.


Batman Graffiti. These are so cool, with a cool origin story as well. A couple in Belgium was exploring an abandoned building and stumbled on this amazing art! The artist PeteOne that made these masterpieces is undoubtedly a huge Batman fan.


Thanks for tuning in. Some incredible talents in the graffiti arts here! Have any comic book graffiti to share with us? Share them through our Facebook page. Like us so you are part of our community. Tune in next week to get your nerd fix.