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Hey hey InterNERDers! We have done FOTI Comic Book Sketch CoversPart 2, and now get ready for the third installment. The amount of comic conventions every year around the country increases every year. The industry pumps out blank variant covers just for people to get sketches from artists. Here are the coolest, nerdiest comic book sketch covers I found on the InterNERD.

Immortan Joe Sketch. This has been my phone wallpaper for awhile now. I love this sketch concept, Immortan Joe from Mad Max Fury Road done on a GI Joe comic! This was created by artist Steve Lydic.


Spawn Sketch. A marker sketch done by the man himself Todd McFarlane. Even though it looks like it was done quick it still looks great! That dude could probably sketch Spawn in his sleep.


Spock Sketch. This is pretty sweet! Done by the nicest guy in the biz George Perez! He has worked on so many books in his career, probably has drawn every character in the Marvel and DC universes. I like that he included the USS Enterprise in the line of his signature!


Darth Vader Sketch. This one is pretty sweet. A half melted Vader helmet that was shown in the Episode 7 trailer. This was created by artist Chad Scheres. Check out his site, he has a fun ratfink pop-art style!


Jughead Sketch. I’m not an Archie fan but this one had me laughing. Who cares if Archie marries Veronica in this issue, Jughead ties the knot with a burger! This was done by Tony Fleeces.


TMNT Sketch. Oh yeah! Kevin Eastman has been doing turtle sketches for awhile now, but I never seen him add a Rocksteady!


Superman Vs Spider-Man Sketch. A great homage to the Battle of the Century: Superman Vs Spider-Man. Only this time made of Lego’s! Check out artist Dan Veesenmeyer’s Deviant Art gallery for more great sketch covers.


Beta Ray Bill Sketch. Dude, this sketch is amazing! Clayton Crain goes all out and does incredible acrylic and ink sketches. He’s coming to a convention close to me soon, hope I can get something sketched by him.


Gir Sketch. The Invader Zim sidekick Gir can’t hide from the zombie apocalypse. Jhonen Vasquez himself created this Walking Dead mash-up.


Up/Spider-Man Sketch. This is a great idea. Guanlin Chen has created connecting Spider-Man covers using characters from Pixar’s UP! Check out his Facebook page for even more great comic sketch work.


Thanks for tuning in. It’s always fun diving into comic sketch covers. Have any rad sketch covers to share with us? Share them through our Facebook page. Like us so you are part of our community. Tune in next week to get your nerd fix.


Welcome to the 1st InterNERD of the new year! We have done FOTI Comic Book Sketch CoversPart 2Part 3, and now a fourth print variant edition.*that’s a comic book joke* It is always fun diving in and seeing what these artists are doing with blank cover comics. Here are the coolest, nerdiest comic book sketch covers I found on the InterNERD.

Batman/Sharknado Sketch. Ha this one is great! Maybe Adam West Batman can fend off a Sharknado with some shark repellent. This was done by Tim Shinn, you can check out his Deviant Art gallery for more great comic sketches.


Spider-Ham Sketch. This is one Marvel character that you don’t see too much of these days, where’s the Spider-Ham movie!?! This was created by artist Scott Blair.


Spider-Gwen Sketch. The newest spider-hybrid has the opposite problem, she’s everywhere! This was done by artist Erik Arreaga, check out his web store for loads of cool work. I bought one of his Toxic Avenger prints at a comic-con, I love his style!


Swamp Thing Sketch. I featured Man-Thing sketch in Part 2, now it’s time for DC’s main swamp man! This was created by artist Francis Manapul.


Deadpool Sketch. I think this Deadpool sketch is pretty funny, I can picture the Hulk doing this. I’m not sure who the artist is on this, the little skull has initials in it, but can’t tell. If you know, make sure to comment on the post!


BB-8/Olaf Sketch. I never really thought of the BB-8 droid as a snowman, but tell that to Olaf. Created by artist Freddy Lopez.


Thanos/Fantastic Four Sketch. The Marvel heavy hitters are about to battle. Created by artist Dan Veesenmeyer, check out his Tumblr for more great work. He specializes in making everyone out of Lego!


Dan Nokes Sketches. For some reason Dan Nokes really tickles my funny bone! His mash-ups that he comes up with are hilarious. I chose 3 to showcase: Mad Max/Bobby’s World, Doctor Who/MST3K, and Morbius/The Count. You can follow Nokes on Twitter to get his latest work. I hope he comes to Emerald City Comic Con sometime so I can snag an awesome sketch.


Thanks for tuning in. So much great comic covers created by excellent artists. Have any comic sketch covers to share with us? Share them through our Facebook page. Like us to be part of our community. Tune in next week to get your nerd fix.

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