Found On The InterNERD: Cross Stitch

Hello everybody and welcome to the InterNERD. This time around we are showing one of the oldest crafts–cross stitching. Cross stitch is a form of embroidery done with thread or yarn and needled onto fabric. The result is making an image, and in recent years making really awesome images! The best thing about cross stitch is it could be a really simple design or a very detailed time consuming one, and they all look great. Here are the coolest, nerdiest cross stitch I found on the InterNERD.

Breaking Bad Cross Stitch. Time to cook! I really love the mash-up of the old country cross stitch border with the Walter White head. This was done by, check out their site for other cross stitch gems.


Punch-Out Cross Stitch. You have to block and hit him in the stomach! The King Hippo is awesome, all the Mike Tyson Punch Out guys have patterns available here on!

punch-out-cross stitch

Admiral Ackbar Cross Stitch. Proving that it doesn’t have to be a giant cross stitch to be a masterpiece. This was created by Alicia Watkins and is for sale on her Etsy page for only 12 bucks!


Harley Quinn Cross Stitch. This is pretty rad. This Harley Quinn was made by Craftster user tracethecat, and taking 2 weeks and 100 hours to complete!


Futurama Cross Stitch. The last episode of Futurama just aired last week, the show will definitely still be a staple for sci-fi nerds years to come. This was done by deviantartist bulmaxvegeta, check out their profile for more cross stitches!


Dalek Cross Stitch. The fearsome Dalek from Doctor Who sure looks sweet in cross stitching.


Mario Cross Stitch. Super detailed whole screenshot of Super Mario 3! This took around 50,000 stitches, check out for close ups of this amazing piece.


Wolverine Cross Stitch. Snikt! This Wolverine is pretty impressive. Done by deviantartist saber4737, check out his gallery for more cool work.


Scott Pilgrim Cross Stitch. Scott and Ramona look so rad as 8 bit characters. This was done by


Star Trek Cross Stitch. This cross stitch is an amazing feat. So detailed, it looks like a real grainy photo. This was created by deviantartist theygotme, check out his gallery full of awesome art.


Keyboard Cat Cross Stitch. The internet meme Keyboard Cat has played off many fails, now is immortalized in cross stitch! Made by the talented Julie Jackson, check out her site!


Batman Cross Stitch. From one of the best cartoons ever, Batman: The Animated Series! This is pretty great, even with the pink background.


Starry Tardis Cross Stitch. A great mash-up of Van Gogh’s Starry Night and a Doctor Who Tardis. This was created by user Greys Princess.


Deadpool Cross Stitch. If you have stopped by before you have probably noticed we are all fans of Deadpool. The Marvel comic character is definitely a fan favorite round here. This was created by deviantart’s kacey007.


Pulp Fiction Cross Stitch. Haha, this one is great. Jules from Pulp Fiction with the Bible verse he likes to say. This was created by, they are great at putting pop culture in traditional cross stitching!


Regular Show Cross Stitch. The popular Cartoon Network show Regular Show is pretty funny, with that fine line of being for both kids and adults. Mordecai and Rigby look good in stitches!


Death Star Cross Stitch. Another great mash-up of traditional phrases cross stitched with the blown-up Death Star from Star Wars!


Walking Dead Cross Stitch. The wildly popular Walking Dead stitched here, straight out of the comic! This was created by Cross Stitch Ninja, check out his flickr gallery for more creations.


Pac-Man Cross Stitch. This is so cool! An urban cross stitching graffiti happened in the city of Milan. The craft bombing was done by Miss Cross-Stitch!


Muppets Cross Stitch. The Muppet Show just announced it is coming back to TV, here are the smartest Muppets around Bunsen and Beaker! This was created by DeviantArt’s Kitkouski.


Lego Cross Stitch. Emmet from The Lego Movie always has a positive attitude. Love the frame they made for this.


Kenny Powers Cross Stitch. Haha, the hilarious Danny McBride plays Kenny Powers perfectly on Eastbound & Down.


Oregon Trail Cross Stitch. The classic computer game the Oregon Trail brings back a lot of nostalgia for the lucky ones who got to play this in grade school.


X-Files Cross Stitch. I have actually been watching the X-Files from the beginning on Netflix. Rumor is that Mulder and Scully are coming back, we will see if the truth is out there.


Darkwing Duck Cross Stitch. The caped mallard Darkwing Duck looks good in stitches!

darkwing-duck-cross stitch

Pee-Wee Cross Stitch. Another classic property that is about to have a comeback, Pee-Wee Herman! This was created by Etsy artist kelSAY and can be purchased on their Etsy page for only $20 bucks!


Link Cross Stitch. Oh yeah, the classic Legend Of Zelda looks great in cross stitching. The 8-bit characters and this medium is like a beautiful partnership.


Nightmare On Elm Street Cross Stitch. Oh Freddy Krueger looks adorable! This must be some kind of trick.


Princess Leia Prayer Cross Stitch. Ha this is great, Leia probably did need the Serenity Prayer when she was a slave to Jabba The Hut. This was created by the artists of Steotch, check out their site for more great cross stitching!

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