Found On The InterNERD: Defaced Currency

Why hello there, welcome to another edition of the InterNERD. Presidents Day is around the corner and I’m not too sure if these presidents would appreciate these. I am not positive if defacing U.S. currency is illegal or not, I always thought it was. The research I did only states certain statutes against it, no laws against it. So its frowned upon by the government and may make it no longer legal tender. Here are the coolest, nerdiest defaced currency I found on the InterNERD.

5 Dollar Terminator. Oh man, I see a movie coming from this. If Abraham Lincoln can be a vampire slayer why can’t he be a cyborg.

1 Dollar Darth Vader. The Dark Lord I would imagine would not be happy he was on the 1 dollar bill.


5 Dollar Bill Murray. Now this is why I don’t think the Federal Reserve should get upset about defacing.


20 Dollar Frankenstein. I never noticed how much Andrew Jackson resembled the Frankenstein’s monster.


5 Dollar TMNT/20 Dollar Kiss. This is quite the combo in this picture. Teenage Mutant Lincoln Turtle, and our greatest president Gene Simmons.


1 Dollar Mario. George Washington does not look happy in the Mario world. This is what happens when your waitress forgets to give you the check.


1 Dollar Pee-Wee. I remember that time in our great nation when we forgave Pee-Wee Herman for what he did, and elected him president. This was done by artist Donovan Clark. He has some truly amazing ones on his site. He has had an art show called Adding Value to Money.


1 Dollar Legoman. This is so simple, yet so awesome. I bet they wouldn’t ask any questions at all if you spent this in Legoland.


20 Dollar Frank The Bunny. Donnie Darko must be a big hit in Canada! They even put Frank The Bunny on their 20 Dollar notes.


10 Dollar Yoda. Done by artist James Charles, his money work is top notch. He even changes the bottom text on the bill. Check out this gallery for more.


1 Dollar Bazooka Joe. The always terrible Bazooka Joe comics that are in Bazooka Bubblegum are paid in homage with this Bazooka George dollar bill.


1 dollar CP30. A reference to Disney buying Star Wars, here is a Mickey Mouse hand drawing CP30 over the top of Washington.


1000 Note Bane. North Korean money here with the super villain Bane. This is done by artist Aslan Malik.


1 Dollar Adventure Time. Jake the dog and George the human, haha, Washington as Finn looks pretty funny.


20 Dollar Spartan. Andrew Jackson was one of the 300 Spartans, yelling this is Sparta!


50 Dollar Superman. What a good segue, Zack Snyder directed 300 and his new Superman movie Man Of Steel comes out this summer. This Grant Superman was done by Aslan Malik, check out his site! He has a whole gallery of Justice League currency. Malik also did the Bane one above.


1 Dollar Ninja Turtle. Cowabunga! This Donatello is awesome, this was done by artist Donovan Clark who was featured in Part 1. Check out his site for more amazing work!


50 Dollar Randy Savage. 50 bucks can buy a lot of Slim Jims! R.I.P. Macho Man.


1 Dollar Flash. This Flash Washington is pretty rad. Your secret identity is safe with me.


5 Note Meme. The “Y U No” Guy meme is asking the Queen the question everybody has been wondering for years.


1 Dollar Bart Simpson. The classic chalkboard scene from The Simpsons intro is cleverly illustrated on the back of this dollar.


20 Dollar Tron. The movie Tron is so popular in Canada that all the Prime Ministers wear the Tron gear 24/7. #internetfacts


Nickel Elephant Man/Evil Dead/Spock/Frankenstein. These are so cool! The people over at are pretty talented. Check out their site for an incredible gallery of work. Galleries include traditional tramp art and pop culture references. They even have videos of carving the nickels and half-dollars!


1 Dollar Boba Fett. This Boba-buck rules. The Star Wars bounty hunter would do a lot for these simoleons.


1 Dollar Jason Voorhees. Cha Cha Cha… Ki Ki Ki… this dollar is always one step ahead of me! Don’t spend this at camp Crystal Lake.


1 Dollar Portal. George Washington is a natural at playing Portal. Maybe if they make a Portal 3 George will make an appearance.


10 Dollar Rainbow Brite. Hamilton was really into cosplay before it was cool. Maybe that makes him the first hipster president.


1 Dollar Moth. I like this one, even though it might not qualify as being nerdy. It makes me wonder if the hole was already on the dollar before they decided to draw the moth, or if they just had the idea.


1 Dollar Aqua Teen. Haha, Master Shake with 2 ladies indeed makes 2 girls 1 cup. The look on Shake’s face is great.


Master Chief/Gundam Pesos. These are pretty rad. Created by Silvia Saavedra, she has a Flickr album titled Geek Money! These are photoshopped over scanned Pesos, but still very cool.


Nickel Hulk/Nosferatu/Spider-Man/Pinkie. In Part 3 we featured “Hobo Nickels” and I’m glad to see even more people are doing this old tradition of carving. These were created by Shaun Hughes, check out his DeviantArt gallery for even more awesome pieces!

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