Found On The InterNERD: Grocery Displays Part 3

Attention store guests, it’s InterNERD time! We have done FOTI Grocery Displays and Grocery Displays Part 2, now we are headed back to the store with Part 3. These are pretty sweet, I wish more stores did these creative displays. Here are the coolest, nerdiest grocery displays I found on the InterNERD.

Boba Fett Display. Aw yeah, everyone’s favorite bounty hunter here made of soda boxes. I predict in Star Wars Episode VII he is going to be diabetic.


Scream Display. Wes Craven would be proud! Just in time for Halloween is this sweet Ghostface from Scream.


Battleship Display. Nice, um B-5! In Part 2 we showcased the board game Battleship. This is more of a detailed ship from the same game.


Transformers Display. A great big Autobot logo from Transformers done here. Hopefully Michael Bay doesn’t walk by and ruin it.


Space Invader Display. Love this one! I tried to find a bigger size of this picture, but with no luck. Even soup cans can be pixelated.


Frankenstein Display. I know, I know, it is really Frankenstein’s Monster. It’s just easier to say Frankenstein, plus everyone knows what you mean anyway.


Mickey Mouse Display. Old Mickey has been Disney’s mascot since the beginning. Now that Disney is the titan of Star Wars and Marvel, Mickey Mouse is a blood-thirsty juggernaut drunk on power!


Tank Display. Not only is this tank a badass, but it’s made of Guinness! Better watchout!


Thor Display. Being one of the Avengers isn’t enough for Thor, he needs all of the Dr. Pepper too!


Mike Wazowski. Pixar’s Mike Wazowski is no stranger to the InterNERD! Seems like Mike is always being crafted into everything these days.


Thanks for tuning in. I would do all my shopping at a store that did this year round. Have any grocery displays to share with us? Share them through our Facebook page. Like us so you are part of our community. Tune in next week to get your nerd fix.