Found On The InterNERD: Guitars

Welcome back to the InterNERD! This one is going to rock (legally I had to throw that in). Real guitar nerds are always hanging out noodling on each others axes, but these nerdy guitar designs make these rad! I’m sure some would argue some wouldn’t even sound good, I’m sure in the right hands they would. Here are the coolest, nerdiest guitars I found on the InterNERD.

Cardboard Guitar. It’s always awesome when somebody finds a re-purpose of an old material. This cardboard guitar and amp was created by artist Jarrod Barretto.


Mario Guitar. Nintendo’s original super star Mario done here. Maybe he can finally impress Peach and she won’t keep running away.


NES Guitar. Oh yeah! An old Nintendo Entertainment System made into a guitar. This would be excellent to play all your favorite 8 bit video game themes on!


Millennium Falcon Bass. It might smell like Wookiee, but the Millennium Falcon ship is still the coolest in the galaxy!


Ouija Board Guitar. This is perfect for playing metal on, you can conjure spirits while thrashing! This design was created by deviant artist Jimmer1220, check out his gallery for more great pieces.


Lego Guitars. These guitars rule! Probably not really made entirely out of Lego’s but they still look incredible.


Pac-Man Guitar. I have seen this floating around for a few years, and it’s still awesome! I want one.


Bigfoot Guitar. Sasquatch knows how to shred! I love all that is Bigfoot, so even this Bigfoot’s foot guitar is pretty sweet.


Jaws Ukulele. This one is amazing! This Jaws ukulele is actually available for purchase on Etsy. Celentanowoodworks created this custom piece! $700 to take this home.


Batman Guitar. Bruce Wayne has everything! Now he can rock out with the Batman logo out.


Commodore 64 Bass. This one is phenomenal! Created by Jerri Ellsworth, she really went above and beyond with this. It acts more like a keytar by modding the C64 hardware to the bass guitar. Check out the video, it’s pretty amazing!


Slimer Guitar. The ghost with the most appetite from Ghostbusters looks pretty sweet. This custom paint job is awesome on this guitar.


Steampunk Bass. This looks rad! Created by Thayer Demay, he made this out of a bunch of junk parts. Check out his site for more pics, he even has a video of him playing this!


Elmo Ukulele. This Uke would win over any grumpy pre-schooler. Created by the master woodworking creators over at Bohemian Workbench.


Gumball Guitar. I don’t know if this actually dispenses any gumballs, but a great idea to look like a vending machine!


Homer Guitar. This is pretty impressive. Created by Instructables user CaptainSerious, you can follow his blueprints to create your own Homer Simpson guitar!


Anime Guitar. I don’t think this is from anything particular, but I like the look of the cut-out design on this one.


Boba Fett Guitar. This custom guitar looks abused much like the Star Wars bounty hunter. If I had this, I would call it Boba Fret.


Dollhouse Guitar. Very creative idea, taking an acoustic guitar and making it into a dollhouse. This was created by Lorraine Robinson, she specializes in miniatures. Check out her site


Marceline’s Bass. A great reproduction of Marceline’s axe bass guitar from Adventure Time. This was created by DeviantArt’s MeanLilKitty, check out her gallery for more awesome creations!


Moustache Guitar. Created for Movember in 2012, Vulpestruments‘ Tom Fox created this moustache guitar then auctioned it off on eBay, then a percentage of the proceeds went to the Movember movement. Very cool way to give to a good cause.

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