Found On The InterNERD: Nintendo Graffiti

Howdy friends, welcome back to the InterNERD. Nintendo’s Famicon system just had it’s 30th anniversary last month. With such a huge impact on pop-culture already, Nintendo is still going strong with the Wii U. Like the FOTI Star Wars Graffiti, I dug up some sweet Nintendo street art. Here are the coolest, nerdiest Nintendo graffiti I found on the InterNERD.

Metroid Graffiti. This piece is pretty nice, depicting a full scene right out of the game.


Kirby Graffiti. The expanding pink puffball Kirby is here, looking like he is trapped in a doorway.


Mario Fire Hydrant. This is pretty sweet, I want to make these all around town!


Double Dragon Graffiti. The twin brothers are ready to fight! This was the biggest picture I could find, it’s still pretty awesome.


Dig Dug Graffiti. All the tunnels dug led to a parking garage. Dig Dug isn’t exclusively Nintendo I know, it has been released on many consoles.


Game Boy Power Box. This is pretty clever. An outside power utility box painted to look like a Nintendo Game Boy. Looking closely I think it says Game Girl on there.


Tetris Graffiti. It goes hand in hand with the Game Boy, I hope I get a line soon.


Link Trash Can. Grumble grumble, this lady doesn’t even realize how cool this garbage can in.


Duck Hunt Graffiti. Such a rad piece on this subway train. Not sure which country this is in, what is nawas?


Ghosts and Goblins Graffiti. Oh yeah, the fact that someone did this makes me happy. I remember playing this game a lot.


Mario Graffiti. A great use of existing pipes in your environment. I love it.


Princess Peach Graffiti. Sometimes a well placed door really adds value to a piece.


Thanks for tuning in. A whole lot of really awesome pieces showcased this week. Do you have any graffiti we should at in another volume? Share them with us at [email protected] or through our Facebook page. Like us and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you are part of our community. Tune in next week to get your nerd fix.

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