Found On The InterNERD: Perler Beads Part 2


Welcome back to the InterNERD gang! This edition is bursting with beads. We did FOTI Perler Beads Part 1 last year, and it’s time we take a 2nd look at this simple kids craft. Well I should say simple if you are making a small one, the bigger you go and more detail you put in, the more complicated it gets! Here are the coolest, nerdiest Perler beads I found on the InterNERD.

Link. Just off this years E3 where the trailer for the new Zelda for the Wii U was revealed! Here is an amazing Link done by AbyssWolf, check out his imgur gallery for pic-by-pic process of this masterpiece!


Wall-E. Here from the Pixar movie is Wall-E and Eve. He’s a downtown man and she’s an uptown girl.


Archer. Everything Jon Benjamin voices is gold, the guy’s voice is so funny! This Sterling Archer was created by JPBeadStudio, and can actually be purchased on their Etsy shop for $150 bucks.


Dalek. From Dr. Who comes the most fierce bead Dalek ever, don’t drive with him!


Calvin and Hobbs/Firefly. I love this one, a mash-up of the great comic strip Calvin and Hobbs with Firefly! The spelling of Serenity is great.


Inspector Gadget. This is fantastic! So many gadgets, created by Kyle McCoy from the PixelArtShop. Check out his site, his work he puts on canvas is incredible.


Big Lebowski. The Dude and Walter from The Big Lebowski are not actually that big, but still awesome.


Harley Quinn. One of the most cosplayed characters ever, Harley Quinn. Created by Deviant Art’s Anphobia, check out his gallery for more great bead work.


Pokeball. Somebody made a 3D Pokeball from Pokemon. It is not an  easy task to fuse these beads in anything three-dimensional, great execution on this.


Egon Spengler. Adorable and a nice tribute to Harold Ramis the actor that played Egon. This Ghostbuster was created by!


Ninja Gaiden. Oh yeah! This is a great scene from the original Ninja Gaiden video game.


Avengers. Here we have all the Avengers assembled on a crest, or maybe it’s a S.H.I.E.L.D. Created by LottaDots, this is for sale on their Etsy page for only $18 bucks! That’s a steal.


Thanks for tuning in. So many beads, it would cause some serious headaches if you had to count all of em! I feel bad for calling it a simple craft, I mean it’s simple to get into and do a quick one. To make original compositions to make look right, it is an art form! Have any bead art to share with us? Email or share them through our Facebook page. Like us so you are part of our community. Tune in next week to get yoour nerd fix.