Found On The InterNERD: Post-It Note Art

Productivity is at an all time low for these companies. This week I take a look at Post-It Note art. Whoever was the first person to discover you can pixel a picture using Post-It Notes is a genius. This is softcore graffiti. So tell your HR to order more store supplies, here are the coolest, nerdiest Post-It Note art I found on the InterNERD.

Post-It Note Duck Hunt. The classic NES game Duck Hunt’s hunting dog done here. Quit laughing at me, my zapper wasn’t working.


Post-It Note Nyan Cat. The popular internet meme Nyan Cat represented in Post-It Note glory. This was done in a school’s library and took 865 Post-It Notes to complete, the full story can be found here.


Post-It Ghostbusters. I ain’t afraid of no boss seeing me not working and wasting the companies money on the Ghostbusters logo.


Post-It Steve Jobs. A nice tribute to Steve Jobs done on the outside of an Apple store.


Post-It Snoopy. The classic Peanuts character relaxing on his doghouse. Where’s Woodstock?


Post-It Pokemon. Gotta post em’ all. I don’t know much about Pokemon but these are pretty rad.


Post-It Mr. T. Aww Yeah! This InterNERD was getting too cutesy, so Mr. T is here to pump some testosterone up in this mother.


Post-It Link. This Link is looking pretty rad on a brick graffiti wall.


Post-It Yoda. Clearly everybody knows who has the coolest office in this building.


Post-It Gremlin. Stripe the leader of the evil Gremlins done here, sprucing up an otherwise boring closet door.


Post-It War. The great Post-It Note war of France. In 2011, the Ubisoft building started making Post-It Note characters on their windows. Then across the street a bank, the BNP starting retaliating with Post-Its themselves. A lot of man hours were wasted.


Thanks for tuning in. I wish I worked or lived in a building with giant windows to make these viewable for all to see. Although the great thing about this Post-It Note trend is you can do it on whatever. Share any Post-Its you have done with us at [email protected] or thru our Facebook page. Like us and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you are part of our community! Tune in next week to get your nerd fix.

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