Found On The InterNERD: Star Wars Graffiti

Hello and welcome to another InterNERD edition. Ever since the first Star Wars film in the late 70’s, Star Wars has been in the center of nerd culture. Graffiti has been a phenomenon onto itself for some time as well. When the two of them combine it makes me all giddy and I chuckle to myself. Star Wars day is coming up on May the 4th. These graffiti pieces are just so awesome I thought this would be a great subject. Here are the coolest, nerdiest Star Wars graffiti I found on the InterNERD.

At-At Graffiti. This huge mural of these All Terrain Armored Transports is impressive. Almost actual size of the walkers.


R2D2 BBQ. Just a Stormtrooper doing a little droid grilling.


Boba Eastwood. A great mashup of Boba Fett and Dirty Harry. Do you feel lucky punk?


“I Know” Graffiti. Princess Leia and Han Solo with the infamous “I Know” line. Many boyfriends have gotten in trouble trying to be as cool as Han.


Reservoir Stormtroopers. Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs walk represented here by a collection of various troopers.


Jabba Graffiti. The morbidly obese slug-like Jabba the Hutt here in all his glory.


R2D2 Mailbox. This is awesome! I want my mailbox to be that cool.


Chewbacca Graffiti. Poor Chewy, this barber is taking way too much off the top. Awesome stencil graffiti.


Yoda’s Date Graffiti. Alright I guess this could happen. Cause E.T. was thrown in the background in one of the Star Wars movies. 


Darth Skateboard Graffiti. Ha Darth Vader is totally shredding it.


Anchorman Stormtroopers. Another great mashup, these Stormtroopers are excited for their new suites.


Thanks for tuning in. It was pretty rad to see all the different Star Wars graffiti out there. If  you have any nerdy graffiti share them with us at [email protected] or on our Facebook page. Like us and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you are part of our community. Tune in next week to get your nerd fix!

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