Gnarsh’s Top 5 Albums of 2015 & What He’s Looking Forward To.

Hey hey nerds, rockers and rocking nerds! I’m about to drop you my top 5 albums I enjoyed in 2015, I will also talk a little about albums I’m looking forward to, let’s do this!

Zebrahead – Walk The Plank

Giving us excellent rock and sick beats since 1996 Zebrahead is still around (with a line up change). After The Early Years – Revisited a re-recording of older song also released this year, Zebrahead released Walk the Plank. I wouldn’t call this their best work but it’s still a really good album, stand out tracks for me are Worse Than This and Save Your Breath.

Calabrese – Lust For Sacrilege

The brothers Calabrese, Horror Punk Rockers are back with their 7th album, less of a horror theme but it’s still there on this one. Lust For Sacrilege is an awesome record, I really enjoy the song Flesh And Blood.

Ninja Sex Party – Attitude City

Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian are back at it, rocking you hard and making you laugh harder. These guys are one of the best musical comedy acts out there, you should check them out. Road Trip and Why I Cry are my two favorite tracks on this hilarious rock album.

Dommin – Rise

Been a huge Dommin fan since I saw them open up for Wednesday 13 years ago, After getting signed to Roadrunner Records and releasing an album, then the whole Roadrunner clusterfuck and leaving the label in 2012 they finally released Rise to the masses. My Reality and There You Are have to be my stand out jams for this album.

Wednesday 13 – Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague

And now my #1 pick, I’ve been a Wednesday 13 fan since I heard him (Murderdolls) on the Freddy Vs Jason soundtrack. Monsters Of The Universe is huge and also the first concept album for Wednesday, so huge that it’s a double LP on vinyl (Which I have). Keep Watching The Skies and I Love Watching You Die are my top two songs for this epic record.

Here are just some of the albums I am looking forward to in 2016. Babymetal is supposed to have one out in April unless it’s a cruel April Fools joke, also I hear Volbeat is releasing a new album in 2016.

Face to Face – Protection should be out in March and there is just a whole lot more to enjoy this year. Keep them horns up nerds! \m/

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