Has Nintendo’s Past Ruined Its Future

For years now Nintendo has been a successful name in the Video Game business and in the last few years especially it has seen unbelievable levels of success from the Wii since its release in 2006 and from the 3DS which they sells a bucket load of every single day. The most recent console release from Nintendo the Wii U launched towards the end of last year and it has split opinions amongst the gaming community.


The first thing that everyone should be made aware of that regardless to what you read or think the Wii U is an impressive piece of technology and it has the potential to be a really brilliant machine for years to come. Nintendo made some errors at release yes but this machine is a massive evolution since the Wii and it represents Nintendo’s first real attempt to make a proper online platform in the Nintendo Network. As a gamer I have absolutely no issues or concerns with the hardware what concerns me is Nintendo’s approach to software and how it has damaged their reputation in the eye of the ‘core’ gamer.
The resentment towards the Wii is there in plain sight for everyone to see, to be fair it is understandable that people feel a little bitter towards Nintendo when third party support for their console was non-existent, yes they got the annual COD and FIFA but aside from that there was nothing. Instead on the face of it at least what Wii gamers were ‘treated’ to was casual title after casual title that to be fair was not aimed at the audience that had adored Nintendo since the release of the NES. Now Nintendo has lost that audience and is struggling to get it back on release of the Wii U there was an ample selection of third party titles available at launch but these had been available on rival machines as early as a year previous to the Wii U launch, the numbers are worrying for Nintendo if Call of Duty’s most recent title can’t even muster 10,000 sales why would publishers even risk putting their titles on to the machine with the potential of a huge loss.

Sure Nintendo’s vast back catalogue contains some of the most loved characters in gaming is enough to guarantee the success of the Wii U, actually probably not. Mario, Zelda and Super Smash brothers will certainly sell alot of Wii U units but that is not enough, Nintendo need to come up with fresh new ideas for their customers or risk further alienating them. At the recent Nintendo Direct they announced some great upcoming games but they were so predictable a HD remake of a classic Zelda, a new Zelda, a 3D Mario, a new Mario Kart and a Yoshi game that looks remarkably like Kirbys Epic Yarn. Give us something fresh or if you really want to use you back catalogue how about something different like a new Wave Race or F-Zero game. There is so much potential for Nintendo to win back the hearts of the gaming community but at the moment it looks like it is slipping past them again.

The Wii U sales figures to this day paint a very worrying picture for Nintendo, on top of this they lost one f their key exclusives in Rayman Legends which weeks before release was delayed seven months in order to accommodate XBOX 360 and PS3 versions of the game. With the rumoured and highly anticipated reveal of Sonys Playstation 4 in the next ten hours you have to worried if you are a Nintendo fan as to just how this generation is going to go, and that said if anyone can ride the storm and come out the other end strong it is Nintendo look at what happened with the 3DS and have hope.

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