Howard The Duck #1 Review

I killed Howard The Duck for many years!

I killed Howard The Duck for many years!

Howdy comic fans. This week Howard The Duck is back in comic book form in a new series. The Marvel character has quite the history, so I made sure to make it to the shop and check it out. I read it and decided to write a review.

I was pretty excited about this new incarnation of Howard The Duck simply because Chip Zdarsky was attached to write! Zdarsky is a great artist on Sex Criminals but I never read anything he penned before. He’s a funny dude in his own right, Chip’s whole Applebee’s interactions and him in a Garfield costume really put his shenanigans in the limelight.

moderate spoilers below

Right away Howard The Duck pointed out the George Lucas 80’s movie. The private detective Duck doesn’t get much business. The customers aren’t pounding on his door even with She-Hulk helping his practice. Except Howard does now get a case with help from his new acquaintance Tara that he met in jail at the start of the issue.

Howard is looking for Black Cat so he called Spider-Man with an old number he found in his rolodex. The Spider-Man cameo felt very forced, and was probably the worst part of the book in my opinion. Like the jokes were really lame, and why did that even have to happen!?! It really didn’t move the story any. It did make for a funny Uncle Ben joke later in the issue, but really I think they should have saved Spider-Man for down the road. The highlight of the book was the montage! Yeah it’s cliche, but with the song lyrics, it was pretty hilarious.

Overall I give this first issue a 3 out of 5. I wasn’t that impressed with this. If you are not into this character and comedy in your comics– pass on this. They left the issue with Howard back in jail, then showed him talking with Rocket Raccoon. So I think I’ll pick up issue #2 to see if the story picks up. It’s not just Rocket but the whole Guardians Of The Galaxy crew are on the cover of the next issue.

end spoilers


I got off early on Wednesday and decided to got to the far-away comic shop in hopes they would have the Skottie Young- Howard The Duck variant. Unfortunately they didn’t, but instead he had a bunch of other variants. I was like yeah that’s cool, but I don’t know, oh is that Man-Thing on that cover? The shop owner said he was doing a package deal of these 4 for $45 bucks. Eh I’m trying to save money for Comic Con… will you throw in the regular cover? Yep–wrap it up! It was kinda expensive, but I haven’t went big on a comic in awhile. The Pope variant cover with the rubber ducky is a 1:50 so that’s what made me pop on it. Now I still need the Skottie Young and Zdarsky variant covers to have them all. I might as well since I already got the hard to find ones.

I do hope this series gets better. I think it has potential for Howard taking on cases for deep Marvel characters that don’t see much new issues nowadays. I hope Man-Thing comes in and they hint at the old times in the 70’s era comics!

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