InterNERD Classic: Comic Book Graffiti

Welcome to an InterNERD Classic. Awe Comic Book Graffiti was a real fun subject to dive into, I usually don’t do sequels on the graffiti InterNERDs. I usually just find a new theme, but I think this deserves a Part 2 in the near future! We will be back next week with an all new Found On The InterNERD.

Hola amigos¡ It’s InterNERD time! Graffiti is everywhere, but it’s actually not an eyesore when its done well. We have done FOTI Star Wars Graffiti, and Nintendo Graffiti in the past. Now its time we revisit this art form compiling comic book characters! Here are the coolest, nerdiest comic book graffiti I found on the InterNERD.

Batman Kids Graffiti. One of these things is not like the other, haha. I don’t think any kid would purposely choose to be Robin.


Captain America Graffiti. Oh man, this is pretty hilarious. Pretty much a social commentary of the obese American culture with this fat Captain.


Hellboy Graffiti. The rumors that Ron Perlman and Del Toro are pushing yet again for a Hellboy 3! Hopefully the studios will let them make it.


Clown Graffiti. Todd McFarlane’s Spawn villain looks really sweet as graffiti, really creepy too.


Flash Graffiti. Nice use of only using the protruding piece of wall to make the fastest superhero look like he’s coming at you.


Wolverine Graffiti. Schnick! This Wolverine is pretty rad, even with his stylized proportions.


Mars Attacks Graffiti. Ack Ack, the green alien freaks from Mars Attacks looks ready to take over Earth.


TMNT Graffiti. Oh yeah, the Ninja Turtles painted on a skate park ramp!


Ben Frost Comic Art. These are amazing! Artist Ben Frost’s new exhibit Know Your Product takes existing product wrappers/packaging and paints on them graffiti style. He does a lot of comic characters and everything pop culture. Check out his tumblr page, some NSFW stuff on there, but really everything he does is great!


Thanks for tuning in. Some truly incredible art can be done with a spray can. Have any graffiti to share with us? 

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