InterNERD Classic: Etch A Sketch

Holy moley the InterNERD is a classic this week! I went camping all weekend at a renaissance faire, so I had no time to do an original FOTI. Enjoy this flashback to the first Etch A Sketch InterNERD. We’ve done 4 Found On The InterNERD: Etch A Sketch’s so far, it’s definitely one of my favorite subjects!

Hey ladies and lads, its InterNERD time again! The Etch A Sketch has been around since 1960, everybody has probably at least once twiddled the knobs of one. Its by no means easy to make a circle let alone make a picture recognizable. That’s why these artists are indeed artists and have that talent to create such awesome pieces. There are too many great ones I had to SUPER SIZE this week! Here are the coolest, nerdiest, Etch A Sketch sketchings I found on the InterNERD.

Etch A Sketch Princess Peach. The Stockholm Princess is done very well here. Created be Jane Labowitch aka PrincessEtchaSketch. HerFlickrhas more amazing pieces of work.


Etch A Sketch Goonies. Chunk and Sloth created by Etchasketchist. I’m still waiting for a Goonies sequel where Chunk and Sloth are running a Pizzeria in Astoria and shenanigans ensue.


Etch A Sketch MC Escher. Probably the most artistic on the list, doing a famous MC Escher painting. This Escher-Sketch is by TheMachineStops.


Etch A Sketch Keyboard Cat. This meme isn’t so popular anymore. But Keyboard Cat is an internet legend now. Played off by artist Mariam Elnaggar.


Etch A Sketch Spock. Mr. Spock here giving his live long and prosper. Another one done by the talented Etchasketchist.


Etch A Sketch GTA. Yet again one from Etchasketchist! This guy has some serious talent. Here’s the cover of Grand Theft Auto 4, which is basically 9 different pictures combined.


Etch A Sketch Muppets. Awesome lab scene of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. Done by artist Mariam Elnagger.


Etch A Sketch Star Wars. Another one by the talented Mariam Elnagger. Two TIE fighters with a blown up Death Star here.


Etch A Sketch Rubik’s Cube. Solving the cube would be easier and done more quickly then sketching this scene out. Another one done by the talented PrincessEtchaSketch.


A lot of these artists were featured more than once. Cause there’s actually not too many artists that are really good at drawing on an Etch A Sketch. I know every time I give it a try it looks like a crude caveman drawing. After seeing all these though I’m going to try again, and am going to pick up an Etch A Sketch whenever I’m at a store that sells them. Have any cool Etch A Sketches to share? Share them through our Facebook page. Tune in next week to get your nerd Fix!

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